10 Fan Communities You Can Build Outside of Music

Nick Wyatt
7 min readOct 29, 2021
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One of the biggest things you have to love about the Internet is the sense of community. No matter if you’re into cars, fashion, anime or simply music. There’s always someone on other side of a screen to engage with for better or for worse.

Over the past year this sense of community has developed into something much larger than just meeting new people, sharing music and viral videos. It’s grown into a place where people can congregate online and come together offline to engage in an experience surrounding a shared mindset.

As we’ve seen with the prolific growth of popular podcasts such as

Creating a sense of community translates well over to the “Offline” World. These noted experiences not only create a duality in music with storytelling and education. It creates a great opportunity for those looking to add to the collective perspective.

How can you go farther? Do better?

For anyone involved in Hip Hop and music in general, we understand that this culture is deeply ingrained in all of Us. From what we wear, who we listen to and even the sports we decide to watch.

It’s all a play around creating conversations around topics that need to be discussed whether you do it at an event, in concert or a meetup. This is why being a part of a community outside of music speaks volumes.

There’s a number of benefits that come with building communities outside of music that include added inspiration, the natural effects of networking, you also get the opportunity to run parallels with popular industries such as:

  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Traditional Media
  • The Food & Beverage Industries, to name a few.

The play I want to discuss in this article is how can ‘You’, the artist, music professional, etc. Join other communities that not only speak who you are as a person but also speaks to your core brand.



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