Dominic Fike is a 24-year old rapper and singer from Naples, Florida who recently landed a $4 million record deal from Columbia Records. His breakout single “3 Nights” is already certified platinum by RIAA and the hype surrounding Dominic Fike seems to be adding fuel to the fire.

The speculation surrounding the Florida native’s come up plays out like an independent film turned cult classic. Involving everything from a troubled childhood, local stardom, jail time and the infamous rise to fame. One thing that is not up for questioning is Dominic Fike’s undeniable talent.

3 Nights’ is directed by Kevin Abstract of BROCKHAMPTON and the potential to be the music industry’s next pop icon is crystal clear. Check it out below.

The back story surrounding Dominic Fike’s brand is definitely a crazy but an enticing narrative. Getting his start in music at a friend’s guest house where they would party and perform.

The collective eventually took on the name “BACKHOUSE MUSIC”and now operates as an independent record label based in Naples, Florida. The group performed locally and eventually landed Rolling Loud in 2015. Many people recognized Fike’s potential to be bigger than just a local phenom.

Adding to the aura of that is — Dominic Fike — he readily admits to wiping his music from the Internet. You can often find fans of Dominic Fike reminiscing about the early days and the energy he provided.

The actual act of ‘wiping’ is a genius play because it creates conversations and it also produces scarcity surrounding his brand. Think about it purely from a human experience.

Here, you have this pop star with immense potential — who built an undergroud rap career — and now you can barely find his music on the Internet. But there’s fans online who are pushing him to release more rap-focused songs.

It makes fans do some deep diving.

One of the few music videos that are still posted on YouTube is “Jada Pinkett”. The track screams “Florida SoundCloud Rap” in its rawest form.

Check it out below.

Now lets deep dive into ‘10 Reasons Why Dominic Fike Is An Undeniable Talent’

1. Raw Talent

Dominic Fike is definitely charismatic. His upbeat energy and appearance embodies everything that makes an artist “popular” by today’s standards. With the musical talent to back up his ‘Made for Instagram’ aesthetic. His far-reaching brand is in position to be the spokesperson for Gen Z.

2. The Great Bid War

In the World we live in today — with the Internet and multiple streaming services — artists who sign major label record deals aren’t unheard of or weak to fathom. Although, Dominic Fike’s situation is a bit different.

“I really needed money for [my mom’s] lawyer, straight up. That’s why we couldn’t settle… It was like now or never, they gotta get some crazy amount of money.”

With the release of “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos”, the artist took full advantage of the rocketship that he was riding and went with the highest bidder. Given the end result — we now see why.

After signing with Columbia Records for $4 Million, his breakout single went Triple Platinum in Australia and sold out a world tour.

3. The ‘Industry Plant’ Label

Dominic Fike has also been the subject of numerous conversations where people have identified him as an industry plant. With all the tools that are accessible to artists for the purposes of creative expression.

It makes people question the authenticity of Dominic Fike, given the co-signs and mega-contract — minus the track record. It’s definitely a conversation that’s still up for discussion. One question that we all have to ask ourselves is:

“What can a major label machine do? If given the perfect product?”

4. The Re-Introduction of Dominic Fike

The intrigue surrounding Dominic Fike is that he’s already been introduced to the World as a rapper. Not many artists can claim local fame and add Rolling Loud (The Largest Hip Hop Festival In The World) to their credentials.

In an interview with Complex, Dominic Fike explains the reasoning behind his re-birth.

“That was my plan with the tape, too. I was like, ‘Yo, before you drop it, wipe everything.’

Because I was already an artist to Naples.

I was trying to get away from that f — king; ‘Everyone knows you.’”

— Dominic Fike

5. Don’t Forget About Me, Demos

The storyline behind the ‘Don’t Forget About Me, Demos’ is a great one. It describes a young man overcoming adversity while at a pivotal moment in life.

He picked the release date of his project based on the fact that he would be driving his mother to turn herself in to begin a two-year sentence for drug-related charges.

The events surrounding the release only adds to the brand that is Dominic Fike. He describes the events below,

“Yeah, the day I released the tape, I f — kin’ had to take my mom to jail for two years. So that’s what happened that day.”

— Dominic Fike for Complex

Check out “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos” below.

6. The Big Rollout

The Rollout for Dominic Fike is what you would expect from $4 Million record deal. Receiving radio play, a natural brand affiliation with America’s favorite boy band “BROCKHAMPTON”, cosigns from the Kardashians and a shout out from DJ Khaled.

Full fledge blessings from the who’s who of the music industry.

7. Race

Dominic Fike’s ethnicity was a conversation starter in his early days as a rapper. After receiving flack for the use of the N-word in his more rap-focused songs. He felt the need to clarify his race; which is half-black and half-philipino. His mother has always acted as a inspiring center-piece and focus surrounding his artistic expressions.

8. Dominic Fike, The Brand

The branding surrounding Dominic Fike is incredible. Even those involved in his rise to the fame in Naples knew that there was something special about the artist.

His iconic face tattoos definitely add to conversation. He has LBE, tattooed on the right side of his forehead. Which stands for Lame Boys Entertainment.

His second face tattoo is of an apple, below his right eye (where tear drop tattoos have been popularized). The tattoo isn’t shouting out the Tech company Apple.

Apple is the name of his sister, noting that his family is a big inspiration for him to work harder.

9. Inspirations

Dominic Fike’s music is a timepiece where he can document his story. Drawing from artists like Frank Ocean. He said, he wants to bring his fans into his World. Letting them know where he is on his journey — covering life’s troubles, promoting self-care and having the courage to overcome adversities.

In his song ‘Babydoll’ he describes his upbringing and the anatomy of his family make up.

“Find me on Miami concrete / Lookin’ for somebody different ’cause my daddy was a pimp / My mama had her issues but I miss her anyway / Oh baby doll”

— Dominic Fike

10. Justin Bieber 2.0

The hype surrounding Dominic Fike’s talent is undeniable. He’s been compared to artists such as Post Malone, Frank Ocean, Lil Nas X, Bryson Tiller and many others.

For me, from a business standpoint. I think record labels saw someone who could be bigger than Justin Bieber. Dominic Fike’s music can be viewed from a perspective of rap, pop and/or rock. Depending on your mood and which project you choose.

What makes him undeniable as an artist is the backing that he was able to secure and what he’s already been able to accomplish. Industry plant or not, the talent is present and in rare-form.

I always say it’s important to pattern yourself after success and I think Columbia Records will use Justin Bieber’s career as a set point to where Dominic Fike can take his brand business-wise.

Creatively, he’s multifaceted — musically talented — the only question left is:

Can he dance?

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