1. Raw Talent

2. The Great Bid War

“I really needed money for [my mom’s] lawyer, straight up. That’s why we couldn’t settle… It was like now or never, they gotta get some crazy amount of money.”

3. The ‘Industry Plant’ Label

4. The Re-Introduction of Dominic Fike

5. Don’t Forget About Me, Demos

“Yeah, the day I released the tape, I f — kin’ had to take my mom to jail for two years. So that’s what happened that day.”

— Dominic Fike for Complex

6. The Big Rollout

7. Race

8. Dominic Fike, The Brand

9. Inspirations

“Find me on Miami concrete / Lookin’ for somebody different ’cause my daddy was a pimp / My mama had her issues but I miss her anyway / Oh baby doll”

— Dominic Fike

10. Justin Bieber 2.0

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