Growth strategies are essential to artists, musicians and content creators who are interested in building a fan base. Growth marketing at its basic level is about finding out what works through experimentation and repeating that same process to gain a desired result.

A big part of what I do is helping artists, businesses or organizations figure out what technology, strategies and platforms are the best course of action to build a fan base or achieve a goal. Once an artist has a good idea of what works and who is their target audience. The next step is to deploy “Social Engineering”.

I define ‘Social Engineering’ as the branch of technology concerned with content formats, music streaming and distribution by utilizing social media to regulate or develop a future outcome (ticket sales, merchandise, website traffic and/or building an online community).

I deep dive into this process in the article below.

Before “Social Engineering” can be achieved, artists need to experiment with growth strategies to figure out what’s the best formula to grow an audience. This includes social media platforms, visual branding and focusing on your core product (music).

The reasoning behind experimentation is that there is a number of proven growth strategies that artists, musicians or content creators can use to help grow a fan base. The real question is: Which one is going to work for your career?

One universal aspect for building a brand & a fan base is consistency.

In contrast, which social media platform is best for a visual artist? For example, Dominic Fike’s aesthetic is made for Instagram. With cross-channel optimization his music can live on YouTube and SoundCloud. While his fan base is mostly Gen Z, will be more adept to Instagram vs. Twitter and will follow him where ever his music lives.

Everyone’s path is going to be different. The advantage that content creators have today is that technology has made everything much more accessible.

The act of creating value lies in the process and growth strategies carry even more weight when it comes to growing a fan base.

Now lets deep dive into ‘3 Growth Strategies To Build A Fan Base’.

1. Join A Social Media Platform & Add Value

No matter it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Social Media is a great way to experiment with different growth strategies. The type of content that you create can be a big deciding factor on which social media platform will be best for you. Different social media platforms have different capabilities when it comes to content formats. Twitter is usually a go-to for most content creators. While Instagram holds the advantage for musicians, models or photographers.

Online forums like reddit can be a major platform for writers and podcasters who’s business is conversation. No matter what social media platform you choose to join, be aware of the users and always add value. Social Media can be a good way to network in your city or state as well. This includes engaging with locals who may be in your target audience and networking with industry professionals.

A great growth strategy from Ryan Leslie is the Triple A Approach to direct-to-consumer marketing. “Access. Appreciation. Acknowledgement.”

“People have an impact on people. Nothing makes more impact to people than an endorsement from a trusted friend. They influence people better than the best broadcast message. Someone who can win people’s trust is the Holy Grail of advertising.”

Mark Zuckerberg

2. Creative Collaboration

Creative collaboration continues to be a proven growth strategy. We’ve seen this happen many times before with artists and producers. A great example of creative collaboration is Metro Boomin. He used this growth strategy to become one of the top producers in Hip Hop.

This is also a reason why “features” in hip hop have become so prominent. When executed properly, it’s a proven growth strategy. Brand association and shared-fan bases can go a long way. Dominic Fike & BROCKHAMPTON is another example of creative collaboration.

For writers, this could be pitching your articles to a number of publications that fall under your topics. Getting attention is a great way to grow your fan base. Creative collaboration falls under experimentation as well as a proven strategy.

3. Engagement

Brand associations are important to all content creators. The real benefit of utilizing growth strategies come from engaging with your target fan base. The reason why Twitter is a go-to for most content creators is because it allows for one-to-one communication.

Engaging is also a great way to measure your growth strategies against previous successes. When choosing a social media platform for a campaign, engagement will ultimately decide what’s the best path moving forward.

For example, 100 paying Instagram followers is better than 10,000 inactive Twitter followers. Engagement is a process where you can develop a potential sales funnel as well. Sales Funnels are a point of contact through the completion of a sale or the achievement of a goal.

For content creators, an example sales funnel would be:

Social media Content Ticket sales, merchandise or joining fan base.

Growth strategies are a great way to experiment and see what works. It also allows for artists, musicians and content creators to focus on a set path of improvement. Experimentation is a part of the process and can not be skipped.

That’s the beauty of any journey. Mastery begins with gathering information to see what works and what doesn’t.

As the saying goes,

“The worst thing that could ever happen to anyone is succeeding on their first try.”

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