3 Key Steps Travis Scott Took To Build Hip Hop’s Top Creative Monopoly With Astroworld

Nick Wyatt
10 min readAug 10, 2020
Travis Scott performing at AstroWorld Festival in 2018 | Roger Ho — Texas Monthly

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Travis Scott has built one of Hip Hop’s biggest brands and shows no signs of slowing down. Since the release of his debut studio album “Rodeo” in 2015, the Houston native has continued to grow his fan base at an astronomical rate — year after year.

Everything that Travis Scott represents in pop culture comes together to form one of Hip Hop’s top creative monopolies. From goosebumps to SICKO MODE — the rapper’s choice in singles are carefully constructed and can be curated throughout his branding.

“Scott’s rise in popularity has been fostered through intense relationship-building with a crazed fan base over a series of years, the direct result of one-of-a-kind live shows and well-received singles.”

Mike Dean

Key phrase: one-of-a-kind

With the release of “Astroworld in 2018 — Travis Scott solidified himself as one of Hip Hop’s most polarizing figures. The project went triple platinum, was highly regarded across the music industry and received a Grammy-nomination for Best-Rap Album.

With the two-year anniversary of Astroworld in passing and an upcoming project in the works. Travis Scott has reminded us all of what’s hard & what’s impossible. Travis Scott continuously presents his fans with an experience that they can’t find anywhere else.

Back in 2017, Travis Scott broke the world record (previously held by Kanye West & Jay Z) for most times performing one song in a single show. On May 12, 2017 in Oklahoma City, the rapper performed “goosebumps” a total of 14 times. Check out the video below.

As the video shows, Travis Scott is clearly set on pushing the limits. The “LaFlame” culture that Travis…

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