How we think about a given situation directly affects our logic, actions and future outcomes. Understanding the psychology behind building a local fan base will help you to learn more about your values, goals and what motivates people to buy into what you do.

In return, these hacks will give you the necessary tools to inspire fans, offer validation and invite people to join you on your journey. Executing these three psychological hacks will naturally provide your followers with a sense of possibility and increase how you perceive your creative capabilities.

It’s important for all content creators to understand what drives action and opens people up to life’s experiences. The power of inspiration, validation and inclusion is all around us, in our everyday lives and how we choose to associate with the content we consume.

There have been a number of conversations surrounding how to build a local fan base, what works best and what’s the best approach. This factor speaks to the importance of why a local fan base is such an important asset for content creators.

The true power behind building a local fan base lies in how you approach the situation. As content creators, what are you providing to the public that makes people want to buy into what you create.

Everyone’s situation will be different — undoubtedly — your approach to building a local fan base can determine future income, opportunities and creative endeavors.

The psychology behind building a local fan base can be broken down into three facets:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Validation
  3. Inclusion

This article will mainly be focused around executing these three psychological hacks and how you can use what you learn here to your advantage.

How you approach what you create — in relation to the people who you are creating for — plays a major factor in how people receive your overall brand. Executing these tactics from the onset will help you grow at a faster rate and open you up to more opportunities.

Your overall market plays a major factor in your approach to building a local fan base as well.

Are you in a developed market or an under-developed market?

This factor directly affects how you inspire, validate and include fans on your creative journey.

Certain questions that need to be answered are:

Is there room for opportunity?

Are there certain needs that aren’t being met?

How are the fans being represented?

Local fans view content creators from a different perspective depending on your market. For example, what is the dynamic if you’re a rapper in Atlanta vs. Minnesota, what’s the difference? What are the underlying factors that need to be addressed? What is the level of shock value associated with your success?

Now lets deep dive into the ‘3 Psychological Hacks Behind Building A Local Fan Base’.

1. Inspiration

Inspiration plays a major role in building a local fan base because it is something that is attainable to everyone. By nature, inspiration opens people up to possibilities.

No matter the content you create or the content format in which your work is delivered. Inspiration is powerful in all phases because people don’t need to be persuaded to be inspired, it is a natural human behavior.

Nipsey Hussle was a great advocate of providing inspiration to the masses and his body of work is a testament of what’s possible through the power of inspiring individuals to be their best, day-in and day-out.

Inspiration is powerful because it can provide clarity to those who might not have been aware of certain possibilities concerning their life, goals or aspirations.

Inspiration is made up of two components:

  • Yin — Being inspired by
  • Yang — Being inspired to

There’s not one without the other and this positive relationship has a major effect on the behavior of those evoked by inspiration. Inspired individuals are more open to experiences, a higher belief in their abilities, optimism and self-esteem.

Providing a higher level of psychological resources can help people form a deep connection with the source of that inspiration. This is why providing inspiration is a key factor in building a local fan base. Opening people up to possibilities can increase your following and help your creative endeavors.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are great examples of how the power of inspiration can uplift individuals. Being great is an innate factor driven by the rewards of outside forces. This speaks to the notion of how inspiration is an identifying characteristic in the outcome of important life choices.

Inspiration is a major factor in building a local fan base because you can inspire people on every level of content creation. If it’s through your core product, social media or live in-person experiences.

Everyone can be inspired by your journey, no matter if they are a fan, industry professional or someone who personally knows you. It pays dividends to inspire people.

2. Validation

The second psychological hack behind building a local fan base is validation. Communication is a key factor in executing validation and forming a deeper connection with those in your city, town or state.

There’s an underlying notion that content creators don’t receive the same amount of recognition where they are based vs. markets outside of their region.

This is a problem that can be remedied through validation. This simple solution can improve your relationships locally, statewide and nationally. Validation is about relating to people through what’s genuine and true to your city’s culture.

Validation encompasses sharing and recognizing shared thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and experiences. This includes radical genuineness, which is defined by sharing an experience as equals.

Validation is a powerful psychological hack because it’s about understanding and relating to a population’s experiences. Then, embracing and recognizing those experiences as accurate and authentic.

3. Inclusion

Inclusion is the third and final psychological hack involved in building a local fan base. This aspect speaks to the human nature behind people wanting to be a part of the greater good of society.

This is why people join clubs, go to certain colleges and it speaks to the success of social media platforms like Facebook. The visual evidence of inclusion in today’s society is all around us.

As content creators, inclusion works in your favor when building a local fan base. You are essentially asking people in your city, town or state to be a part of what you are building.

As humans, we are characteristically connected to the strength of our connections. So people are naturally drawn to the city they live in and the people who share those same experiences. This is played out in sports, local attractions and the restaurants where we choose to eat.

The best example of the power of inclusion is played out with rappers such as:

  • Drake (Toronto — New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles, etc.)
  • Lizzo (Minneapolis — New York)
  • Griselda Records (Buffalo — Atlanta)

Check out Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine & The History of Griselda Records below.

The hip hop trio speaks on the power of inspiration, validation & inclusion.

All from under-developed markets, the three parties ventured out and created a name for themselves and represented for the cities in which they are based.

The notion presents a dynamic where people view the hustle, the dedication, the drive and support your work (making it out vs. not making it out). Hand-in-hand — it provides a level of inspiration when an artist, musician or content creator ventures out and develops an opportunity for themselves and their city.

Motivation is a person’s most valuable commodity. Quantified by action, persistence and how we choose to invest our time.

“Why is it that we are all born with limitless potential, yet few people fulfill those possibilities?”

— Abraham Maslow

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