5 Brand Strategies To Create A Strong Image Like Dua Saleh

Photo Credit — Akama Paul | CityPages.com

1. Be Unique

2. Go Against The Grain

Hosted by Andrea Swensson | Prod. by Jesse Wiza | Visuals by Nate Ryan | Web feature by Cecilia Johnson

3. Embrace The Power Of Nostalgia

“I was thinking about Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Marie Knight’s relationship that ended up not really manifesting.

They were in a relationship, which is speculated by a lot of the people in their lives. But [the family of] Marie Knight [died in] an accident, and they could no longer be together because she was spiraling through depression and grief.

All the songs were recorded before I thought about Sister Rosetta Tharpe and her impact… or even about it being sonically infused with rock and roll.

But thinking about it afterwards, I was like, “How can I imagine queer love in a way that’s radical and that has profound complexity?”

— Dua Saleh

4. Create Conversations

“That’s nasty That’s gross All them pineapples a hoax”

— Dua Saleh

5. Boost Your Creativity By Including Props

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