“I didn’t want to be one of the 10,000 kids on the Internet making beats. I went out there and got recognized as the white boy in trap music and made a name for myself.”

Murda Beatz

1. Create A Catalog Of Music

2. Target (At Least) 3 Markets

3. Target Upcoming Artists

“I had my networking tools ready and I was using them well — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram — everything I could get my hands on (on) the Internet. I was using my name to get out there; using people’s names that I was working with. Obviously it was a lot easier when I was working with Chief Keef and Migos to use their names.”

— Murda Beatz

4. Contact The Supporting Team

“He was very persistent. Murda hit me up like 15 times in five days.” — Cory Litwin

“I thought I could use him to get me to everyone in Toronto” — Murda Beatz

5. Find Brand Representatives To Join Your Network

“The most successful people are the best people-persons.”

Len Blavatnik, Warner Music Owner

“It’s just so interesting that this little white kid from Niagara, who kind of looks like Shaggy from ‘Scooby Doo,’ is making these hard trap beats. It looks crazy, but people love it. And Murda can always back it up with the music.”

— Boi-1da

“People get content — they buy their house, their cars, their grills, and they get comfortable. But I’m not here to be hot for a year.”

Murda Beatz

I help artists embrace & leverage the Internet as a tool with the goal of building a brand, creating insights & increasing revenue - 227.thinkific.com

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