— born Shane Lindstrom — is a 26-year old record producer, songwriter and DJ from . The Multi-Platinum is Hip Hop’s most unlikely .

Along the way, the producer has worked his way into the top ranks of the music industry.

Getting his beginnings as a producer for , , GBE and . Murda hit his stride as a producer with — as the trio flew him out because they didn’t believe the Ontario-native was producing such high-caliber beats that meshed so well with a trap-heavy Atlanta audience.

While forming lasting relationships with Lil Durk and The Migos. Murda has went on to produce for Gucci Mane (), 2 Chainz (), (Nice For What), 6ix9ine (), Cardi B/Nicki Minaj (), (GRoCERIES) and most notably ’s BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

Check it out below.

That is the beauty of creativity and producing music in general. If something goes — It goes, and you will know after you make it.

The question is: How big can it be?

Before Murda Beatz hit that point in his career, he had to network and maneuver throughout the music industry. Positioning himself around like-minded individuals who shared a common interest.

His beat-making abilities definitely lead the way. However, the networking strategies he deployed and his relentlessness was the driving factor in him achieving his goals.

It’s important for artists, musicians and content creators to understand that your success will ultimately be decided by the strength of your network. The one common variable in every situation concerning music, business or life — in general — is that the most successful people are master networkers.

Murda Beatz is the perfect example of the power of networking.

“I didn’t want to be one of the 10,000 kids on the Internet making beats. I went out there and got recognized as the white boy in trap music and made a name for myself.”

It’s important to understand the power of branding and making real human connections. There’s no real substitute for in-person interaction. The Internet is a great tool in helping people create value.

If your goal is to build lasting relationships in business, there’s really no substitute to face-to-face communication.

“There’s thousands and thousands of producers who send beats and just pray that someone will record on something.

When you really start to travel around, you realize that building personal relationships in the industry is better.

I really only work with people that I have a relationship with.

No one is really throwing me in the room with people to work with.

I work with who I want to work with.”

Now let’s deep dive into ‘5 Networking Strategies Murda Beatz Used To Blow Up’

1. Create A Catalog Of Music

For music producers it’s important to have a catalog of music, and samples readily available for artists. Preparation is key to success. Another important skill to harness is producing beats on the spot.

This is a skill that can be naturally polished through practice. It helps to time yourself to see how much you can produce in an hour, 6 hours or a day. This will allow you to build your catalog as well as sharpen your beat-making skills.

Being a multi-faceted creative will help improve your odds of getting placements and working with artists down the road.

If you can solve a problem or create value through creativity, management or networking — people will always remember those moments.

A great example is when Murda Beatz produced “Nice For What” for Drake.

The five-times platinum record was not sent over email. It was recorded on the spot at Drake’s house over a game of NBA 2K. The creative collaboration included Murda Beatz, Drake and BlaqNmilD.

Murda was in charge of producing the beat— Drake provided the sample of , which was ripped from YouTube — and the producer added the New Orleans bounce.

Check out the video for

The creative process for ‘Nice For What’ is a great example of how Murda Beatz perfecting his craft. It speaks to Atlanta and how the city continues to be a hotspot for any artist, musician or content creator who wants to strengthen their work ethic, creative process and/or network.

We’ve seen the ‘Atlanta Experiment’ play out in favor of a number of artists. Including , and most recently with Murda Beatz.

2. Target (At Least) 3 Markets

Targeting marketing is the most beneficial action for artists, musicians and content creators. Focusing on the markets where you plan to work should be the launching point for your networking activities.

If you plan to work in the music industry, you will undoubtedly have to travel. You should begin with three markets and narrow your focus from there. For Murda Beatz, his three markets included San Francisco, Chicago & Atlanta.

Identifying these physical locations will help you to apply your networking skills. This includes working with artists, reaching out to labels and getting familiar with the local venues.

In an interview with in 2016, Murda Beatz describes his journey from Chicago to Atlanta.

“I had my first placement three months into producing, with Soulja Boy.

I went to Chicago and tried to get big in the drill scene. With GBE, Lil Durk, all those guys.

Then I wanted to get my music into Atlanta. Found these guys the Migos on the internet before they blew up.

Started sending beats to . He started showing them my beats. From there, they started liking the stuff, and they blew up.

They started flying me out and I started living with them, around 2012, 2013. Going on the road with them. That’s how we built our good relationship that we have now.

I’m glad that we still have that close bond.

Now, I can help them in ways and they can still help me in ways.

We just have good chemistry. I know their families and stuff. It’s been three to four years now, so that bond can’t really be broken.

We are always going to be making music together.”

— Murda Beatz

3. Target Upcoming Artists

Given the previous quotes on Murda Beatz and The Migos. I think that we should all understand the power in networking and believing in a movement.

The music industry is such a collaborative sport, so there’s no such thing as ‘doing it alone’. That’s why networking locally, statewide and nationally plays such a major role in your success as an artist, musician or content creator.

Targeting upcoming artists who show promise is the best way to find success. This was a great networking strategy executed by Murda Beatz. Because at this point, he was only investing time and the pay off increased his network by ten fold.

As you grow, the network grows.

In an interview with in 2019, Murda Beatz describes his early experiences of investing into the early career’s of promising artists and how that helped him to expand his network.

“I had my networking tools ready and I was using them well — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram — everything I could get my hands on (on) the Internet. I was using my name to get out there; using people’s names that I was working with. Obviously it was a lot easier when I was working with Chief Keef and Migos to use their names.”

— Murda Beatz

4. Contact The Supporting Team

Contacting the supporting team is also an effective networking strategy. The supporting team can be the manager, engineer or even promoters. However you can increase your odds of producing a touch point by increasing your means of contact.

It’s worth a shot, especially if it pays off. Once you work with an artists or their team, that usually leads to more work and more opportunities.

A story featured in the tells the story of how Murda Beatz met his current manager at their mutual jeweler.

The party and concert promoter was a known figure in the Toronto nightlife scene, who ran in the same circles as Drake and the Weeknd.

“He was very persistent. Murda hit me up like 15 times in five days.” — Cory Litwin

“I thought I could use him to get me to everyone in Toronto” — Murda Beatz

In an interview with , Murda Beatz describes his early interactions with Skippa Da Flippa and what ultimately led to him flying out to Atlanta to work with The Migos.

“My networking tool is that I’d contact people around them. I’d find people who had Migos in their Twitter names and their boys.

I’d be hittin’ up people around them to get to them, to try to infiltrate in all areas.

I found (Migos associate) Skippa Da Flippa; at the time he wasn’t even rapping, he was engineering.

I would send him stuff and I’d be like,

‘Yo, if you get these beats to (Migos members) Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, I’ll send you your own beats as well.’

He ended up getting all the beats and playing the beats to them.”

— Murda Beatz

5. Find Brand Representatives To Join Your Network

Brand representatives are an important asset for any artists looking to grow their network. These are people who will help you to expand your reach and make the necessary connections to further your career.

This can be locally or in other target markets. The dynamic is that these are the people who you can work with you and simultaneously build a network together.

These people can be managers, artists, DJs, engineers, people who work at the venues and even record label executives.

Your success is their success.

“The most successful people are the best people-persons.”

The power of in-person networking is continuing to remain relevant in today’s time. With the Internet taking away layers of mystique from artists, musicians and content creators.

Murda Beatz has had the opposite effect because of the quality of his beats that were being passed on to artists such as the Migos.

“People aren’t expecting me to look how I do.

But that’s one of the main reasons it works so well: the surprise factor.

They (The Migos) just really wanted to get me out there to make sure I was making my beats, because they were fire.

They didn’t believe that I was the kid making them.”

— Murda Beatz for

Being relentless, persistent and working hard can take you far in life.

Murda Beatz is the perfect example of how location is a non-factor. No matter where you’re from in the World. The power of networking can put you in a position to be successful.

In an interview with back in 2018, Drake’s producer describes the dynamic behind Murda Beatz.

“It’s just so interesting that this little white kid from Niagara, who kind of looks like Shaggy from ‘Scooby Doo,’ is making these hard trap beats. It looks crazy, but people love it. And Murda can always back it up with the music.”

— Boi-1da

Murda Beatz has continued to set his goals high.

Be sure to check out new music from Murda Beatz. Below is a song featuring Lil Durk and off his latest album:

“People get content — they buy their house, their cars, their grills, and they get comfortable. But I’m not here to be hot for a year.”

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