5 Rules To Elevate Your Self-Confidence

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Top-down clarity and common understanding create, trust, confidence and unity. We are all products of our mindset, believe big and cultivate big. Those who see themselves as the best, often act and perform the best. The person who believes they can achieve a goal, will always produce the how-to.

Great attitudes = Great actions.

Confidence and a strong belief can flare up a spark in the mind to create a path moving forward. Throughout your life it is important to control the temperature, because confidence, or a lack there of, can determine what you accomplish. Having a strong belief in yourself allows others to place that same confidence in you.

“If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.”

Ronnie Lott

It all starts with a strong confidence in yourself, believing that you can do what others may deem as impossible. A very practical tactic is to pay attention to those around you who are accomplishing their goals. Key-in on how they execute and make decisions. Successful people habitually have great attitudes. The ultimate goal is to determine what we can take from these highly effective individuals and toss into our own mental stock to add value to our everyday lives. It is important to understand not to limit your observations. We all know people who are worthy of following or acknowledgement in our respective lives and professions. First and foremost, it starts with respect. Like any great leader, you observe, you learn and you study but you don’t worship. You operate from the position that you can outpace them and achieve greater feats.

The mind is what you make it.

When confidence is combined with a wave of thought, the subconscious mind immediately catches that wave, converts it into its intellectual counterpart and translates it to Infinite Intelligence. Every thought is like a seed and when planted in fertile soil, that seed begins to sprout and produce seeds of the same Nature. Your mind works with the information you feed it. All thought patterns have a habit of dressing themselves into their physical counterpart. Belief in yourself starts with being aware and in tune with your inner-self and surroundings. The power of autosuggestion teaches us that being in a state of awareness allows us to be open to incoming suggestions. This allows you to identify incoming commands and neutralize any negative suggestions at their start.

Confidence generates the energy to do. If you truly believe you can move mountains, you will. If you truly believe you can not, you won’t. Doubt is a negative energy. If you subconsciously think you will fail, your mind will attract reasons to support that belief. In accordance to Nature, those who see themselves as second-best, produce the second-best. Altogether, mental well-being, self-confidence and a strong sense of belief play a major role in your everyday life. Your perception of a situation can either induce stress or present itself as a challenge that you believe you can master without a doubt. Curiosity, in this sense, can be a beneficial attribute when training your mind to receive positive information. This allows you to key in on those thoughts that stimulate your development and allow you to build on your mental awareness.

Overall, autosuggestion can be cultivated by presenting your mind with consistent thoughts that can become personalized. With proper repetition, a person can train themselves to reorganize their thoughts into beliefs. These beliefs are eventually transmuted into reality. Envisioning the materialization of your beliefs, verbally expressing them and reiterating, using your internal voice, are ideal factors in leveraging your mind by virtue of continual autosuggestion.

You can further achieve this by leveraging your mind and following a simple SELF-CONFIDENCE FORMULA. This formula is best utilized when established in writing, retained and repeated, until it becomes apart of the subconscious aptitude of the mind.

  1. I have the means and the ability to achieve my ultimate goal. I will achieve this goal through continuous persistence, endless action in pursuit of its completion and I now promise to deliver on such action.
  2. I recognize that the influencing thoughts of my mind, will ultimately recreate themselves in noticeable, concrete action, and progressively translate into a visible reality, in that event, I will focus my thinking for thirty minutes daily, beginning with the duty of clearly visualizing the goal I intend to attain.
  3. I realize through the foundation of autosuggestion, any ambition that I relentlessly control in my mind will ultimately seek execution over some factual process of reaching my ultimate goal. I will dedicate ten minutes of my day to the advancement of my SELF-CONFIDENCE.
  4. I have composed, without any doubt, a narrative of my CLEAR-CUT goals and I will never give up, until I have evolved the crucial SELF-CONFIDENCE for its fulfillment.
  5. I fully comprehend that no prosperity or situation can sustain, unless produced on authenticity and integrity, hence, I will not engage in any activity that does benefit all parties involved. I will flourish by appealing to myself, the stimulus I wish to practice, along with the participation of other people.

Sign your name to this formula, enact it to memory and reiterate it clearly once daily, with FULL belief that it will steadily dominate your THOUGHTS and PROCESS, so you will develop into a self-sustaining and fruitful person.

It is up to you to manage your well-being. In every walk of life, either personal or professional, autosuggestion can strengthen your mental foundation. Having confidence in your abilities gives a person a sense of practicality. As humans, it is in our Nature to view change with uncertainty. A strong sense of self allows a person to further put life in perspective. Throughout life we will go through changes at work, in our relationships, raising children and dealing life’s natural cycles. That is why the power of autosuggestion should be utilized for your benefit.

Autosuggestion is the first step in accessing your Infinite Intelligence through the power of confidence. Once you have built a strong mental foundation, you are now ready to operate on a level of elevated thought. Implementation of the SELF-CONFIDENCE FORMULA can dramatically change the way a person believes in themselves. How you perceive yourself and think, directly influencing your actions. Applying these tactics can substantially increase your confidence, improve your overall health and elevate your mental capabilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about the power of belief and how you can acquire techniques to strengthen you mindset. Checkout my article on “8 Surprising Autosuggestion Techniques That Can Change Your Life”.

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