5 Rules To Elevate Your Self-Confidence

Nick Wyatt
5 min readFeb 4, 2020
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Top-down clarity in conjunction with a common understanding create, trust, confidence and unity. We are all products of our mindset, believe big and cultivate big. Those who see themselves as the best, often act and perform the best. The person who believes they can achieve a goal, will always produce the how-to.

Great attitudes = Great actions.

Confidence and a strong belief can flare up a spark in the mind to create a path moving forward. Throughout your life it is important to control the temperature, because confidence, or a lack there of, can determine what you accomplish. Having a strong belief in yourself allows others to place that same confidence in you.

“If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.”

Ronnie Lott

It all starts with a strong confidence in yourself, believing that you can do what others may deem as impossible. A very practical tactic is to pay attention to those around you who are accomplishing their goals. Key-in on how they execute and make decisions. Successful people habitually have great attitudes. The ultimate goal is to determine what we can take from these highly effective individuals and toss into our own mental stock to add value to our everyday lives. It is important to understand not to limit your observations. We all know people who are worthy of following or acknowledgement in our respective lives and professions. First and foremost, it starts with respect. Like any great leader, you observe, you learn and you study but you don’t worship. You operate from the position that you can outpace them and achieve greater feats.

The mind is what you make it.

When confidence is combined with a wave of thought, the subconscious mind immediately catches that wave, converts it into its intellectual counterpart and translates it to Infinite Intelligence. Every thought is like a seed and when planted in fertile soil, that seed begins to sprout and produce seeds of the same Nature. Your mind works with the information you feed it. All thought patterns have a habit of dressing themselves into their physical counterpart…



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