People give money to people who get people. That’s why the need for a has become not only a necessity for artists, it has become an asset that is in high demand.

The key to building a is a combination of strategy, creativity & resourcefulness. In this article, I’m going to deep dive into how you can build a brand using .

Before you continue to read down below, ask yourself this:

How would my fans describe my music, my image, my brand in five words?

The first step in creating a brand is defining who you are and secondly, knowing who you’re talking to. using subliminal images can help you develop a deep connection with your target audience and put you in a position to accomplish your goals.

One of the biggest factors in creating a brand using subliminal images is the use of personality, being authentic and remaining true to who you are as an artist. Now lets deep dive into ‘5 Ways To Create A Brand Using Subliminal Images’.

1. Do What’s Authentic To You

Being authentic is the number rule to follow when creating a brand using subliminal images. If you refer to picture above, you have a visual by from a shoot titled “.”

Odunsi is a great photographer and even more recognized as an artist who presents — the power — in beauty. I wanted to point out this representation of authenticity because of the symbolism surrounding flowers and African culture.

This form of symbolism is authentic because it has been used to communicate between people for the better part of the last two centuries. It’s a perfect example of how to use “subliminal” images to create a brand.

There is a valuable lesson learned here because people will generally have a deeper connection to authenticity and your success depends highly on your ability to evoke emotions using human nature.

2. Be Consistent

My favorite saying as of lately is: “Consistency creates opportunity”. When it comes to using subliminal imagery, consistency can be a great tool to move you closer to your goals. Being consistent will also help you to expand upon your brand. Depending on what you’re known for, consistency can be used to mentally train people to have certain expectations surrounding your brand.

A great example of this aspect of using subliminal images to create a brand is how you present yourself to your target audience. recently sat down with “” on REVOLT TV to discuss how jewelry enhances a man’s features. Check out the clip below.

3. Study Symbolism & Use It

The greatest and most effective use of symbolism in music has to be . This speaks to power of subliminal images as a tool to increase reach and create a brand.

Symbols help fans to identify with your brand. In Prince’s case, the love symbol was birthed through creativity and necessity. Which later developed into one of the most iconic symbols of our generation.

Following in Prince’s footsteps & properly branding a recognizable symbol can pay dividends to those who can execute when it comes to marketing and branding. As noted, Prince went on to use his famous ‘Love Symbol #2’ in artwork, jewelry and most famously his purple guitar.

4. Make A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill (Over do it)

Once you’ve found a lane that is authentic to you and a symbol to fall back on. It’s time to scale up and make it point to intentionally present your subliminal images to the masses. If it’s in videos, social media posts, even live in person.

It’s essential to over do it. This concept of creating a brand using subliminal images is comparable to politicians and campaign slogans. For instance, check out President Joe Biden’s take on “Over Doing It” with his ‘No Malarkey!” slogan. Which would be the equivalent of “No Cap”, which is still hilarious to me.

5. Develop A Strong Visual Energy

The last and final step in using subliminal images to create a brand is developing a strong visual energy. This is one of my favorite concepts because it speaks to a formula that has continued to work over time.

It’s like and Taylor Swift in cowboy boots. How can you subliminally communicate with your target audience to build a deep connection and deliver results?

With that being said, lets check out ’s new video ‘Thanksgiving”. Where he plays off of the “Atlanta to New York” connection and continues to ‘touch the hearts of hustlers’.

I think Benny is a great example of this aspect because it speaks to an artist gaining market share in their home region (Buffalo) and then making a move to gain market share in Atlanta. For all artists who like to compete, follow this move (if you like challenges).

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