Fetty Wap — the rapper and singer from Patterson, New Jersey — is without a doubt — one of the hottest artists to ever create a wave in the music industry. Fetty Wap produced one of the most prolific runs in hip hop history. The Tsunami of 1738 began back in 2014 when he dropped “Trap Queen” on SoundCloud.

The end result?

A certified diamond single by RIAA and ascending to the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The Patterson, New Jersey native made the rise seem effortlessly in retrospect. Everyone involved in Fetty Wap’s journey up to this point, understands the rapper’s winning combination of intellect and will.

Although 2014 was Fetty Wap’s year, it was not a cake walk. In interviews, he often cites the leg work and traditional marketing that went into the success of his career.

The New Jersey rapper’s success and hard work has laid the foundation for him to enjoy the fruits of his labor 5 years later. Twitter fans are still showing love for the energy Fetty Wap provided back in 2014 and during Quarantine.

In an interview with XXL, Fetty Wap isn’t shy about his hit making ability and readily admits he’s just getting started.

With the success of Fetty Wap from 2014 to 2020. The rapper is the definition of ‘How To Create Content That Floats’. I describe the Internet as a swimming pool and artists like Fetty Wap will always have content that floats at the top.

If you’re interested in this philosophy and want to add it to your repertoire of strategy and insights. Check out the article below as I deep dive into how to create captivating content.

Now let’s deep dive into “6 Ways Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’ Blew Up (Again) in 2020”

1. Be Present & Get Radically Focused

Before ‘Trap Queen’ became successful. Fetty Wap put in the leg work through traditional marketing channels. The rapper also posted the song everyday for almost a year before the song elevated to a level of local success.

Fetty Wap’s radical focus was a result of being driven to succeed. It’s starts by focusing on your core product and knowing where you want to go. Being present and having a clear understanding of your goals will help any artist go far.

“The primary skill that will allow you to surf this type of volatility is something I call ‘radical focus’ : focusing with SEAL-like precision on the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.”

Mark Divine, Commander, U.S. Navy SEALs (Retired)

Being present and aware of the circumstances will help you to develop a radical focus. For example, what is the current status of the music industry in your region or state.

What does success look like for a local artist?

What steps did major artists from your region take to achieve their goals?

Fetty Wap used situational awareness to dissect his environment. He used the traction he gained from his grassroots marketing campaign to leverage some of New York City’s biggest radio stations like The Breakfast Club and Hot 97.

2. Use Consistency As A Strategy

Fetty Wap was fairly aggressive with his marketing strategies in the beginning stages of his career. Not only did he post his music online everyday. He also was a very visible figure in the New York nightlife scene.

Stick to what’s in front of you . . . idea, action, utterance.

Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and Thought Leader

For artists, it’s important to be consistent in everything that you do. Brands are built through familiarity. Create a strategy or scheme and execute that play everyday until you have accomplished your goals.

The hardest part of creating content is getting people to know who you are and what you are offering them. Once that part of the process is complete; you can bring the focus back to the fans.

3. Master Your Environment

Fetty Wap did a great job with the initial release of ‘Trap Queen’. In May 2014, he uploaded the audio-only version to YouTube and from that point forward he received 1000 views per day up 200,000 views. In August 2014, Fetty Wap released the music video.

After a 3 month marketing run, his YouTube data backed-up his traditional marketing approach. With 57% of his views being received from his home state of New Jersey, 25% being from New York and 2.2% being from Virginia.

Making Trap Queen a local hit. The Micro — to — Macro strategy is a never fail for artists who are looking to grow their fan base locally and then expand to other markets. It allows artists to fully grasp onto marketing strategies, branding and other insights that will be helpful during the next release.

4. Focus Your Resources

Fetty Wap did a great job at segmenting his marketing campaigns. He started out connecting with fans on the grassroots level and continued to cultivate those relationships online. The artists has created a wealth of user-generated content to build around the idea of nostalgia and to document his journey.

There is an importance of pointing out that every artists is different. As far as creating content and building connections, that aspect of music will always be universal.

In Fetty Wap’s situation:

  • He became radically focused.
  • Used consistency to build awareness.
  • Mastered his (local) environment.
  • Focused his resources.

In January 2015, Fetty Wap received his much deserved radio push. Creating a wave nationwide and elevating the ‘Trap Queen’ music video to 200,000 views per day.

5. Be Aware & Ready To Accelerate

Fetty Wap’s ability to connect with his fan base on a grassroots level was a genius strategy. The actual “Trap Queen” record was so popular in the Tri-state area from being played in the clubs. To the point that radio stations weren't in a position to wait until the first quarter of 2015 to get behind the song.

That’s the power of a fan base. Fetty Wap has a largely female demographic and being able to recognize the high probability of the song’s success in other markets was a major factor in Fetty Wap’s transition to mainstream stardom.

As artists, you have to anticipate certain situations and be in position to capitalize.

6. Preach To Your Fans

Fetty Wap genuinely built a fan base from executing traditional marketing tactics and building upon that strategy with his social media presence. His grassroots approach allowed him to be aware of what made his fan base tick.

He watched how certain demographics reacted to his overall content and used that connection to help him to take his music to another level. This is an important process for every artists and can not be skipped.

Music. Art. Connecting. It’s all human nature.

The number #1 rule is to focus on the fans who consume your content. Once you have established a fan base. The next step is to figure out why people are listening to your music. The last step is to feed the machine.

In the article below, I discuss the aspect of connecting with fans on a deeper level. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Fetty Wap’s journey is definitely one worthy of recognition. Feel free to take notes and add what you can to your marketing strategy. It’s always important to pattern yourself after success and build upon what’s already been done. There’s a method to everything under the Sun.

Check out Fetty Wap’s latest project “Trap & B” below, be sure to clap and follow!

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