“His work ethic was top notch, and due to his constant communication with his fans and his willingness to tour, he had built himself an army of rabid fans.

Rarely do you have an artist who understands not only the artistry but also the business side of things.

Russ has a very clear vision, and he knew exactly what he wanted and exactly where he wanted to go.”

Imran Majid, Senior Vice President of A&R at Columbia Records

1. Build A Brand

2. Accessibility (Where Does Your Music Live)

3. Consistency Creates Opportunity

4. Perform Live

“To be successful in this era, you just need the Internet and fans.

I just performed in front of 13,000 people in Portugal by myself, for the first time ever traveling to that country.

You can’t tell me that you need all of these industry relationships to make it.

The only relationship I truly need is a relationship with my fans.”

— Russ via Forbes

5. Build A Network

“It’s easy to say that all artists should pursue partnership opportunities with major labels — who can help them secure radio spins, on-demand streaming service playlist positioning and live television performance opportunities — but the reality is that few artists can enter into a negotiation with the necessary leverage to secure a favorable deal.”

Brian “Z” Zisook via DJBooth.net

6. Pattern Yourself After Success

“Fate Is Fluid. Destiny Is In The Hands Of Men.”

— Nobusuke Tagomi

I help artists embrace & leverage the Internet as a tool with the goal of building a brand, creating insights & increasing revenue - 227.thinkific.com

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