Trippie Redd is a rapper, singer & songwriter from Canton, Ohio. The 21-year old superstar has paved a way to the top of hip hop and has become a mainstay in the culture.

His hit single ‘Love Scars’ and breakout mixtape ‘A Love Letter To You’ — released in 2017 — has propelled Trippie Redd to cult leader status.

The rapper has been strongly lead by his fan base, releasing four albums and all of them have landed within the top 10 on the Billboard 200 (before the age of 21). Trippie Redd has always embraced the traditional grind of being an artist.

After high school, the rapper moved to Atlanta — where he began to work Lil Wop and Kodie Shane. While in the World’s hip hop capital, he recorded three projects — Awakening My Inner Beast, Beast Mode and Rock the World Trippie.

Standing tall on his creativity and the early success of his music. Trippie Redd build a solid foundation with dedication and motivation. Shortly after his mixtape run in Atlanta the hard work began to pay off for the rapper. Trippie Redd signed a record deal with 10k Projects and relocated to Los Angeles to continue his journey as an artists.

Most recently the rapper has teamed up with PARTYNEXTDOOR for ‘Excitement’ and has been featured on the late rapper Juice WRLD’s posthumous release ‘Tell Me U Luv Me’.

Check out Trippie Redd’s latest single ‘Dreamer’ below.

Now let’s deep dive into ‘8 Ways Trippie Redd Blew Up & Built A Timeless Brand’.

Trippie Redd has always done a great job of positioning himself around the right people. In the beginning of his career he moved from Canton, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia to work with some of hip hop’s top talent and never had to pay for studio time.

That is the true power behind trusting the process.

For artists, you have to understand the value that is being created through accessibility. In an interview with Rolling Stone the rapper shared his experiences.

“It’s still crazy. It’s wild.

I knew it was going to happen. I just didn’t know it was going to happen so soon.

I done elevated. I’ve made hella fans. I got a big-ass family now.

All around it only took like a year of dedication and motivation.”

— Trippie Redd for Rolling Stone

This includes networking and making the appropriate connections for your career. As artists, you should always put yourself in a position to control the output of the content you produce. Once that objective is accomplished. The next question is: Are you in contact with people who can help you distribute that content?

Since Trippie Redd has joined Elliot Grainger and 10k Projects, the rapper has effectively executed a number of music release strategies.

For example, the 10k lead marketing scheme plays out like this: releasing a single that has a video in April — releasing the full project in May — releasing two more videos in June — with the remainder of the marketing run focused on placements in traditional media outlets (interviews, articles, features, etc).

Coupled with traditional music release strategies, the label has been highly successful with content marketing strategy. With the winning recipe including coverage from Noisey, No Jumper, Genius and DJ Smallz.

The content marketing strategy is relatively effective when executed properly. Traditionally, it is when an artist can lead the rollout of a project with a visual and receive the necessary backing from traditional media outlets to spread the word. This strategy can help artists go viral when coupled with paid advertising or influencer marketing.

This is an economic/social philosophy that I have coined called “Social Engineering’.

I define ‘Social Engineering’ as the branch of technology concerned with content formats, music streaming and distribution by utilizing social media to regulate or develop a future outcome (ticket sales, merchandise, website traffic and/or building an online community).

Check out the deep dive below.

Throughout Trippie Redd’s interviews — the common focus is always his love of music. Pure passion can separate a lot of artists from the crowd. The rapper hasn’t been shy about his motivation to be the best and produce timeless music. As artists, if you can combine passion with motivation — only good things can happen.

If the focus is producing quality music, people will always look back and enjoy your music in retrospect. I think that’s one of the biggest aspects that Trippie Redd has taken from his affinity for Rock music. It’s not about being ‘trendy’. It’s about figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Then being present and having enough awareness to repeatedly give it to people.

That is the beauty of creativity. Your surroundings may change, your bank account may get bigger — but the ACT of creating will always remain the same.

If you’re passionate about creating content you’ll always find happiness in the grind. Repeatedly connecting people to what you do and what you create.

“There is no time where I feel like I will fall off”

Trippie Redd for Rolling Stone

Trippie Redd has been one of the few artists to benefit from comparisons to other artists. A few things that separate the rapper is his fan base and overall work ethic. Brand associations are usually good for artists in the music industry. For Trippie Redd, he has mostly been compared to Lil Uzi Vert and the late rapper XXXTentacion.

Given that there is a whole genre of dark emo rap. Trippie Redd has been quoted as saying that him and X are the only two artists that have trully crafted and perfected the genre-bending form of music that they produce.

“I’ve perfected this style. I’m not necessarily even a part of all the new-wave shit. Me and X, I feel like we’re in our own little category. We’re the only artists I know who are phat that are on something else. We’re timeless.”

Brand associations are more so about fan bases.

For example, at the top you have Hip Hop — underneath, you have ‘Dark Emo Rap’ which include the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, XXXTentacion & Trippie Redd. Fans will fall in line accordingly, given that they are fans of Hip Hop > Dark Emo Rap > Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi Vert & XXXTENTACION.

At this point it’s more about who can produce the most. It’s like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. How likely is a fan to switch sides when presented the opportunity.

Check out ‘Trippie Redd — Dark Knight Dummo ft. Travis Scott’ below.

I believe Trippie Redd will continue to be a mainstay in Hip Hop because of the diversity surrounding his music. In the video below, he discusses how he mixes Alternative Rock, R&B, Pop & Rap all together. For artists, it’s about being unique and finding ways to separate yourself through creativity.

Trippie Redd is clearly invested in his career. It’s important for artists to figure out what you makes you different and what makes you the same. It’s a dynamic that you have to create in order to appeal to fans.

Check out Trippie Redd’s interview below with Mass Appeal.

Trippie Redd has always been strategic about which songs he chooses to preview on his social media platforms. This allows him to experiment with his fan base to see which songs are successful or popular before turning them into full fledged releases.

For artists, this not only creates a science around your creativity. It helps to create a sense of community with your fan base. Experimentation with snippets allow you to share your creative journey with those who are invested in your content.

A perfect example is when Trippie Redd pointed out that his most lyrical song had the least amount of views and nobody gave him credit. At the time of the interview with DJ Booth, the song had about 600K streams and is now currently approaching 8 million streams.

For me, it’s comical because he hit fans with the Joey Badass Flow just to showcase his versatility.

Check it out below, Trippie Redd — Can You Rap Like Me

For all artists and music professionals, there should always be a growth process surrounding your brand. The benefit is that a strong brand can carry you a long way. This includes ticket sales, merchandise and strategic partnerships. It’s important to keep it as authentic as possible.

For Trippie Redd, he has created a unique brand around the number 14, including the 14 numerology — 14th Angel — and being 1400-years old. These brand strategies have played well for Trippie Redd allowing him to religiously sell out merchandise and form a number of strategic partnerships such as the one below with GLD.

Trippie Redd presented his fans with the opportunity to join the 1400 Gang by purchasing his official ‘Big 14 Chains’ ranging from $99 to $6000.

Trippie Redd has always done a great job with virality. His charismatic personality has played well into his connectibility and being able to relate to his fan base. Fans enjoy artists that are accessible and provide a good energy.

Going viral is essentially a growth strategy and for artists this is a combination of personality, subject matter and paying attention to what works.

Something that is so major and impact should actually be approached as something simple.

Check out Trippie Redd’s infamous “Smoke a wood, in the woods, on some wood” video that went viral and became a calling among his fan base.

For artists that are searching for branding, marketing and social media insights.

Trippie Redd has accomplished the trifecta.

  1. Focus on the core product. (The Music)
  2. Create the brand. (1400)
  3. Partner up. (The record label)

There is a method to everything. Once you figure out what people want.

Give it to ‘em.

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