Creativity Under Fire: Use Dwight Eisenhower’s Top Tactic To Stay Consistent

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Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower was America’s 34th president from 1953–1961 and served as a five-star American army general during World War II. The former Commander-In-Chief is considered to be — historically — included in the top-tier of U.S. presidents.

Being known as a man of action and one of the military’s most masterful tacticians. Dwight D. Eisenhower was pledged with the duty of overseeing Operation Torch in 1942–1943, which was carried out in North Africa and — most notable — the invasion of Normandy’s Western Front from 1944–1945.

The coordinated attack on Nazi-occupied Western Europe was called Operation Overlord” and is generally known today as “D-Day. The Allied Expeditionary Forces, which was made up of 156,000 troops — 11,000 airplanes — almost 4,000 ships, helped defeat Nazi Germany and bring an end to World War II.

Lead by Dwight Eisenhower, the success of the two military operations helped shape the future of the World and created a long-lasting legacy for one of America’s greatest military generals.

The mountains moved during World War II also acted as a stepping stone for Dwight D. Eisenhower to become one of the most effective U.S. presidents in modern history.

Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower oversaw an array of political agendas and objectives during his two term presidency, they include the following:

On the domestic front

On the International front

  • When Dwight Eisenhower became president one of his main goals were to reduce federal deficits and halt the growth of communism.
  • With the pressure of nuclear action, he strong-armed China into peace agreements during the Korean War.
  • His administration provided the French with substantial aid to help fend off Vietnamese Communists during the First Indochina War.
  • Eisenhower’s administration reinforced Iran and Guatemala during a military backed regime-change.
  • He denounced the invasion of Egypt by the Israeli, British, and French forces. Ultimately, forcing them to withdraw.
  • Eisenhower authorized the establishment of NASA after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik. Eisenhower’s move fundamentally led to the Space Race.

One of my most favorable quotes from Dwight Eisenhower is,

Plans Are Nothing; Planning Is Everything.

Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower made this statement while preparing for the invasion of Normandy, having a clear understanding that nothing goes as planned. The statement speaks more to the process of planning and how action can present a focal point during times of uncertainty.

Plans are more static and help identify goals, objectives and target points.

Planning is the all-encompassing process that can be backed by consistency & persistence.

When it comes to business, creative endeavors and life in general. Being able to adapt and be flexible may be the difference between success and failure.

For all content creators, routines have proven to be powerful. True mastery is achieved through the discipline that comes with setting deadlines and keeping a schedule. Even if it’s self-administered, the act of keeping a schedule allows for the process of planning.

The process of planning includes forming effective habits, critical thinking and creating an environment where you can anticipate and react to any given situation.

Plans are a valuable management tool because they can help content creators establish an understanding of what can happen in the future, as well as being prepared to face adversity.

The meaning behind “Creativity Under Fire” speaks to the power that comes with the process of planning and having the ability to get back on schedule when something doesn’t go according to plan.

In a way, the phrase makes “plans” seem redundant for creativity.

To provide clarity, plans are essentially blueprints — most importantly — they provide content creators with the opportunity to discuss ideas, challenge assumptions and analyze alternatives.

The philosophy behind ‘Plans are nothing; Planning is everything’, is that when volatility is prevalent within an environment. The process of planning can help you identify opportunities and challenges, then act as a catalyst to help you successfully maneuver to your goals.

Unite The Process Of Planning & The Power Of Consistency To Build A Brand

The process of planning and consistency go hand-in-hand. Being consistent as a content creator provides a number of benefits that can help you build a brand and develop a network.

The key is to create a schedule, establish a pattern and stick to the predetermined timeline. The power of consistency is that you decide how it’s regulated. Consistency doesn’t have to be defined as every single day or every week.

You have the power within yourself to create content at your own pace. This includes content production, social media and building your brand. The byproduct of consistency is that you can build a following by doing what’s comfortable for you.

Consistency helps build brand awareness and the process of planning provides a foundation for growth. A major aspect of consistency is planning, having a concrete plan in place will increase your odds of success.

Consistency can also help you build relationships and form connections with your fan base. Consistently being in front of your target market can queue people to engage with your content. This will naturally establish credibility and increase traffic to your content.

To begin, create a content schedule. This will act as a blueprint for your creativity, as well as a schedule for your followers. Creating a content schedule naturally gives people an idea of when to check back for new content.

This is why consistency is an effective psychological strategy. No matter if you put out content daily or weekly, fans of your content will subconsciously be triggered by new posts or queues.

For starters, you can plan out your own content schedule by identifying what resources are available to you (time, energy. etc). Will you be able to produce content every single day or every week?

The focal point should be centered around what’s comfortable to you. This includes what makes sense for your fan base and factoring in what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

Consistency is a major factor in the planning process and is key to building a brand.

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