From Music To Movies: How Does 50 Cent Stay So Consistent?

Nick Wyatt
6 min readFeb 11
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Why does staying consistent matter so much? In life, business and personal relationships. Consistency is what separates the winners from the losers. As we’ve seen time and time again, artists can have a hit record and still fumble the bag.

Realistically, I can only assume it’s a lack of structure. Success not only comes from what you do, it’s how you do it. As an artist, your biggest asset is content. In this article, I’m going to discuss a 3 step process that can help you stay consistent.

Artists like 50 Cent, Jay Z and Drake have been able to use Game Theory, Systems Thinking & Virtuous Cycles to transform a complex situation like music into a simple equation.


Demand = Leverage and 50 Cent is a great example of how to consistently create demand around every deal he does. For the most part, he didn’t jump out the gate with a hit on a major television network (Eminem/8 Mile TV Show on Peacock).

He built leverage with content he didn’t own to put him in a better position for the future. The same concepts can be applied to music. The goal for every artist in 2023 should be to stay consistent by applying these same principles and building leverage.

In my opinion, the best move you can make as an artist is to record nonstop. Structure your efforts around well designed plays. Once you have a hit, build leverage and then strategize around the release.

The greatest example of this is with PBE Pluto, who decided against booking Future for $1500 right before “Racks On Racks” and “Tony Montana” dropped. A lesson learned he still stresses today.

Build leverage, build notoriety. After that, the game can be developed into a repeatable cycle. Let’s go ahead and jump into the 3 part process on staying consistent.

1. Master Game Theory & Reinforcing Loops

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