How To Book A Show Using YouTube Data & Analytics

Nick Wyatt
5 min readJun 19, 2022
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In the era of Tik Tok, why is YouTube still King? From my perspective, Tik Tok is a platform that’s geared more towards fans. While YouTube is a virtual market place that is used to create assets and produce value.

Because not only can you benefit from booking shows, you can easily find other artists and producers to make music with. This is where I see a lot of artists and producers get lost in the sauce, because you can easily get distracted from a lot of different angles.

The biggest, most effective move you can make as an artist is to develop your management skills. What do you need to do [less of] and what do you need to do [more of]?

Creativity should be an everyday habit. Making music should be an everyday habit. Making plans and taking action on those plans, should be everyday habit. So with that being said,

Are you using social media for entertainment or as a tool?

Music is a mountain climbing event, so when I say tools. You should think about it in the sense of: “What’s going to help me get to the top?” Take the mindset of creating content & releasing YouTube videos like this:

How much value/revenue can be produced from this one piece of content?

After you present your music to the market, the people who listen & engage will give off market signals (Likes, Dislikes, Comments, Shares, etc). On the other end, Tik Tok only provides the number of followers, profile overview & video views.

While YouTube Studio is — solely — dedicated to data & analytics, with one of the biggest features for artists being “Top Geographies”. Where you can access the location of your fans.

Tik Tok is great for what’s trendy and building awareness, they’ve also incorporated streaming uploads so that your music is easily accessible. So don’t get me wrong, there is value there, just in a different sense.

What’s the biggest difference though?

YouTube gives you that “AWE” factor along with data and analytics that can put you in a position to keep winning. The…



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