When it comes to building a solid foundation under your brand, marketing funnels are one of the main pillars to success. Gaining a deeper understanding of how marketing funnels work can help you to create growth strategies, build a community of loyal fans and support sustainable growth.

The essential function of a marketing funnel is to create a path towards a target action with your content and social media. From this path you can develop a number schemes that fit into your overall goals.

For example, someone discovers your content on social media; where does your content/music live? Where can they watch your videos? Marketing funnels are also key to worldwide distribution because fans can discover your content and dig deeper into who you are as an artist. The goal is to create loyalty.

This is why every stage in the marketing funnel is important.

This is why you have one hit wonders vs. someone like Travis Scott who has followed a set path and perfected his marketing funnel.

So when people do discover your content, you have the proper pieces in place for them to consume and join your community. Marketing funnels assist in establishing a fan base, provide growth and are key in presenting a culture around your content.

Lets check out the five stages marketing funnels are divided into:

First Stage — Awareness

Discovery: Social Media, SEO, Email, Paid Advertisements, Content Marketing, Word of Mouth, etc.

Second Stage — Consideration

Mastery Mode: Period of exploration, content consumption and develops a deeper desire.

Third Stage — Conversion

Deepen Commitment: Joins community on social media, makes a purchase (ticket sales, merchandise, etc.) and transitions to a loyal supporter.

Fourth Stage — Loyalty

Manage The Relationship: Cultivate a sense of community with branding and consistency. Continuously feed your supporters with content.

Fifth Stage — Advocacy

Word of Mouth: Loyal supporters transition to advocates of your brand. Offering recommendations and sharing your content with friends.

The goal is to create a fan base around your brand and get people to advocate for you. This is how you continuously gain fans, the key is to stay consistent and provide value for the people that shared your content in the first place.

In return, your supporters will help you spread the word and share the experiences that are being cultivated within your community. This is the value associated with a marketing funnel. People on the outside start to look at the value, lifestyle and culture on the inside.

People become aware and want to know how to connect with you as a content creator and marketing funnels play a major role in answering these mundane questions. The five stages are designed to automatically lead potential supporters on a path that addresses if they fit into your fan base, share similar interests and/or values.

This is why building a strong core fan base has become essential for content creators. Your fans become your #1 ambassadors for your content and provide you a platform to build. In return, they go out and repeat the process for you. Once you’ve built a marketing funnel the process becomes automatic.

A great example of an artist that mastered the five stages of the marketing funnel was Nipsey Hussle. Everything built around his brand was about inspiration, providing value and increasing awareness.

Nipsey Hussle provided fans with content, products and social proof. From ‘The Marathon Clothing’ store to his ‘All Money In’ campaigns. He nurtured his fan base along every step of the process.

  • Awareness — People become aware of your content/product.
  • Consideration — They can consider joining your fan base.
  • Conversion — Presented with the opportunity to become a loyal fan.
  • Loyalty — Build and maintain a reciprocal relationship.
  • Advocacy — Spread the word and invite others to join the community.

Marketing funnels are essential to every content creator because they provide a foundation for a sustainable career and continuous growth.

The overlying goal of a marketing funnel is to optimize your conversions. How many people are converted into fans after engaging with your content? Marketing funnels are in place to help you visualize a journey to a given action (attending a concert, purchasing merchandise, streaming music religiously, etc.)

The key is to fail forward fast. You can truly build a sustainable career by addressing those stages where potential supporters fall off or disengage with your content. Marketing funnels are designed to help you neutralize weaknesses and build upon your strengths to boost revenue.

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