How To Evolve The Power Of Belief

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Life is about perspective. How you perceive yourself plays a major role in every decision you make. From the career path you choose, relationships, finances, even more your physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health. That is why it is important to have a solid foundation to build on. Cultivating the power of belief can be beneficial for a person on many levels. Consciously or subconsciously, we produce thoughts every second that ultimately decide our mental make up. Throughout this article, I will discuss the benefits of autosuggestion, techniques to strengthen your Infinite Intelligence and last but not least, the 3 Steps To Evolve Your Power of Belief.

Marcus Aurelius is considered to be one of the last great roman emperors of his time and through his journal, Meditations, he has continued to provide guidance from generation to generation, for almost two thousand years. Commonly known as one of the most powerful men of his time. His journal paints a picture of an individual dealing with some of the same problems that we struggle with today. While faced with the adversities of war, disease and the task of governing the Roman empire. The emperor searches for a sense of self-actualization, in doing so, he provides a foundation for many to stand firm. His words continue to speak volumes, as they come from one of the World’s most powerful men, striving to become a better person through kindness, rationality, work-ethic and humility.

One key take-away. Focus on the present.

Remember that your directing mind becomes invincible when it withdraws into its own self-sufficiency, not doing anything it does not wish to do, even if its position is unreasonable. How much more, then, when the judgement it forms is reasoned and deliberate? That is why a mind free from passions is a fortress: people have no stronger place of retreat, and someone taking refuge here is impregnable. Anyone who has not seen this is short of wisdom: anyone who has seen it and does not take refuge is short of fortune.

- Marcus Aurelius

Belief is the driver of the mind. When belief is combined with a wave of thought, the subconscious mind immediately catches that wave, converts it into its intellectual counterpart and translates it to Infinite Intelligence. Every thought is like a seed and when planted in fertile soil, that seed begins to sprout and produce seeds of the same Nature.

The mind is what you make it.

Your mind works with the information you feed it. All thought patterns have a habit of dressing themselves into their physical counterpart. Belief in yourself starts with being aware and in tune with your inner-self and surroundings. The power of autosuggestion teaches us that being in a state of awareness allows us to be open to incoming suggestions. This allows you to identify incoming commands and neutralize any negative suggestions at their start. Curiosity, in this sense, can be a beneficial attribute when training your mind to receive positive information. This allows you to key in on those thoughts that stimulate your development and allow you to build on your mental awareness.

Implementation of intentional autosuggestion can dramatically change the way a person believes in themselves. How you perceive yourself and think, directly influencing your actions. Applying these tactics can increase confidence, improve overall health and elevate your mental capabilities. On the flip side, when unintentionally implementing autosuggestion an individual who is not able to recognize that they are being trained to have a set of dominant beliefs based on their thoughts and outside influences are susceptible to manipulation.

Overall, autosuggestion can be cultivated by presenting your mind with consistent thoughts that can become personalized. With proper repetition, a person can train themselves to reorganize their thoughts into beliefs. These beliefs are eventually transmuted into reality. Envisioning the materialization of your beliefs, verbally expressing them and reiterating, using your internal voice, are ideal factors in leveraging your mind by virtue of continual autosuggestion.

You can further achieve this by leveraging your mind and following a simple SELF-CONFIDENCE FORMULA. This formula is best utilized when established in writing, retained and repeated, until it becomes apart of the subconscious aptitude of the mind.

  1. I have the means and the ability to achieve my ultimate goal. I will achieve this goal through continuous persistence, endless action in pursuit of its completion and I now promise to deliver on such action.

Sign your name to this formula, enact it to memory and reiterate it clearly once daily, with FULL belief that it will steadily dominate your THOUGHTS and PROCESS, so you will develop into a self-sustaining and fruitful person.

That which rules within, when it is according to Nature, will always adapt itself easily to that which is possible and is presented to it. For it requires no definite material, in moving toward its purpose, but rather certain conditions and it makes a material for itself out of that which opposes it, as a great fire lays hold of a mass that would have extinguished a tiny flame: when the fire is strong, it soon appropriates to itself the matter that is heaped on it and consumes it, rising higher by means of this very material"

- Marcus Aurelius

Autosuggestion is the first step in accessing your Infinite Intelligence through the power of belief. Once you have built a strong mental foundation, you are now ready to operate on a level of elevated thought. Every human mind has a storehouse of ether, an abundant cosmic mass of infinite waves. When your thoughts are combined with a strong mental state of awareness, you develop a “charismatic” strength which appeals to, from the waves of ether, other complementary or relevant thoughts. When executed appropriately, every plan, idea, thought or purpose, adds FUEL TO THE FIRE.

Belief is the material, the psychochemical, which when combined with devotion, grants an individual with a straightforward connection with Infinite Intelligence. Belief is the component which revolutionizes the traditional waves of thought, established by the finite perception of man, into the metaphysical equivalent. Belief is the only mechanism by way of which the limitless waves of Infinite Intelligence can be exploited and utilized by an individual. Every wave of thought, an individual’s consciousness invites, from the waves of ether, a presenter of connections, adds these “connections” to its own waves, and cultivates it continuously until it matures into the domineering, spark in the individual’s consciousness it has been bestowed upon.

3 Steps To Evolve The Power of Belief

1. Think Victory, Don’t Think Defeat

Exchange failure expectations with success expectations.

In every situation you find yourself in, whether it be in a meeting, school, home or work. When you encounter a demanding circumstance, assume, “I’ll score”, not “I’ll get blocked.”

"Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war"

- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

2. Always Remember That You Are Greater Than You Think You Are

Prosperity does not depend upon a super-genius.

Keep in mind, prosperous people are just everyday individuals who have advanced their belief in themselves and have tapped into their stockpile of ether.

3. Expect Colossal. Receive Colossal

The magnitude of your achievement is decided by the value of your thoughts.

Envision limited goals and anticipate insufficient accomplishments. Envision colossal goals and gain colossal benefits. Always remember, significant schemes and substantial strategies are generally plain sailing, absolutely no more demanding than small-scale schemes and petty strategies. It is exhilarating to observe what can develop when individuals collaborate faithfully with Nature. But it is not ten percent as enchanting as observing yourself react to your own thoughtfully executed introspection agenda.

If you’re interested in learning more about individuals executing these strategies. Checkout my article “What Elon Musk & Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Moving Mountains”.

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