Amuse is a hybrid digital distribution company and “next generation” record label that provides artists with FREE distribution services. Founded by Diego Farias in Stockholm, Sweden back in 2015.

Diego Farias is joined by a number of music industry experts from Universal Music, Warner Music and Spotify. Along with the ‘Black Eyed Peas’ front man, the Amuse roster includes:

  • Guy Parry
  • Andreas Ahlenius
  • Jimmy Brodd
  • Christian Wilsson.

Being touted as the “Worlds first mobile record label”, CEO & co-founder Diego Farias is re-imagining the music industry and providing artists with a new way to ‘self-release’ their work.

Adapting to the massive growth in the digital distribution arena, Amuse’s has positioned themselves for even greater opportunities by lining their board of directors with a number of music industry power players such as:

  • Gordon Rubenstein — Managing Partner at Raine Ventures
  • Jörg Mohaupt — Former Warner Music Group board member
  • Edgar Berger, Former Chairman and CEO of Sony Music International

Total ‘direct artist’ revenue reached a whopping $643 million in 2018 and is growing at a pace three times faster than the market average with a 35% increase YOY.

The digital distribution revolution is becoming a very lucrative opportunity for independent artists and record labels. Goldman Sachs is projecting a 170% increase in the recorded-music sector reaching $131 billion by 2030.

As a music company, Amuse has expanded globally over the past three years from 42 to 215 markets with offices in London, Miami, Los Angeles and Bogotá Columbia.

“We didn’t start a music distribution company, but we built one to find talent. Music distribution companies use distribution to make money, we don’t. There couldn’t be a different approach. Amuse is a movement of its own. We identify the talent the majors would never sign.”

Diego Farias, CEO & co-founder of Amuse

Amuse is becoming an ever more popular choice with independent artists and record labels because of the digital distribution company’s ease of access. Coupled with the fact that artists retain 100% ownership and royalties.

One of Amuse’s biggest success stories is Lil Nas X who began distributing his music on the platform in June 2018 and shortly after struck gold with “Old Town Road” later that year.

“We take kids making zero digits and take them to eight.

We know who is listening and then saving a song (adding it to their playlists), which is one of the strongest buy signals.”

— Diego Farias

The beauty behind the viral hit “Old Town Road” is that it was released 100% independent and broke a number of streaming records along the way. Solidifying a viable path for independent artists and record labels moving forward.

Amuse has a fairly unique business model: come for the free distribution, stay for the record deal.

Traditionally, distribution companies have charged an annual fee or split the revenue on the backend in exchange for distributing music into services like Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

Amuse has taken it a step further by creating more value for independent artists through analyzing data and creating insights from streaming apps. The data collected from these audiences work as an indicator around how Amuse calculates advances, licensing deals and demographics.

The data collected by Amuse allows the company to craft a strategy around marketing, branding and executing traditional A&R services. This can include everything thing from preparing an artist for the release of a new project, recording new music and/or advertising.

To put the icing on the cake, Amuse has also pioneered a data-driven royalty advance service called ‘Fast Forward’. Launched in 2019, the advance service uses machine learning to calculate and offer artists up to six months of their future royalties

“We look at how distribution works, how record deals work and how relationships with artists work.

We are the only end-to-end solution for artists. We can take an artist from nothing to platinum-selling.

We give the means and opportunity to those artists that are isolated from the gatekeepers of the music world.

No one else has taken their side.”

— Diego Farias

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