AWAL is an independent record label/distribution company with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. The company operates as an independent entity in conjunction with Kobalt Music Group.

Acting as the distribution leg for Kobalt, AWAL is a very enticing digital distributor for independent artists and record labels. AWAL stands for “A World Artists Love”.

The mantra speaks perfectly to their movement and overall brand identity. The record company has created an ecosystem that seems to be serving the needs of artists on a global scale.

The company is a part of growing movement of artists and entrepreneurs who are building a new road moving forward, shaping culture and fueling innovation. Brick by brick.

Giving artists and independent record labels an avenue to connect with fans in over 200 markets worldwide. The company offers freedom, control and ownership.

AWAL bolsters 12 global offices, close to 700 employees and communicates in 35 plus languages. They do a great job of placing the focus back on the creatives. Developing a world of inclusion, AWAL functions as a submission based platform.

The culture AWAL has created around helping artists grow, build brands and gain recognition on a worldwide scale — makes perfect sense. The digital distributor has set standards to strive towards and musicians continue to rise to the occasion.

What makes AWAL a very attractive and unique digital distributor is that they offer free distribution to artists who are selected to join the platform. This means no hidden fees, yearly fees or upfront costs. Just a 15% commission on the backend and offer additional label services for higher performing artists.

AWAL serves a number of subsets when it comes to genres. The primary focus seems to be geared more towards commercial artists and those on a path to pop culture or mainstream global recognition.

AWAL has laid out a trajectory for artists and independent record labels that speak to the transparency of the company. As a member of the AWAL family, the more you grow — the more support you receive.

These label services include support in the form of:

  • Global Release Planning
  • Digital Strategy
  • Worldwide Playlisting
  • Artist Marketing
  • Funding
  • Creative Support
  • Radio Promotion
  • Synch & Licensing
  • Digital & Physical Distribution

In true fashion — AWAL artists get to keep their music and creative rights. Creating a culture around quality — digital music providers rely on AWAL’s ability to supply them with consistent, top-shelf music.

In return, AWAL can continue to cultivate relationships and build artists from the ground up by offering different deals at different stages of growth. Let’s go over AWAL’s trajectory for artists and how it works.

AWAL Core — This is the first level of AWAL’s ecosystem. Artists can join through submissions or referrals, receive support and have the opportunity to reach potential fans in over 200 territories. AWAL Core also includes Cross-Platform Insights, A&R Upstream and Discovery.

AWAL+ This is the second level of AWAL’s ecosystem. Artists join this level through AWAL’s Upstream process and by reaching certain milestones. This level of support includes customized campaign strategies, best practices for releases and an Artist Rep at AWAL.

AWAL+ also includes project funding, sync and playlist promotion.

AWAL Recordings — This is the cream of the crop. As with anything in the music industry, it’s about leverage. Artists who reach this level in the trajectory process are offered global record deals.

The specifics of an AWAL Recordings deal includes elevated funding — where you retain 100% of your masters, worldwide artist marketing and a giant promotion push that includes Top 40 radio.

One of AWAL’s featured artists that just signed a global deal is the singer, songwriter and producer ‘mxmtoon’. Check out AWAL CEO, Lonny Olinick’s comment about the deal below.

AWAL is a great family to join for artists and independent record labels who have already built a solid foundation. There is a genuine sense of community and a real opportunity for growth if you’re interested in taking the commercial route.

AWAL has a formula in place tailored towards refining and producing results. Quality music should always be the core focus of your creativity. Although, a number of attributes can increase your chances of joining the AWAL community.

They include a consistent track record, strong brand and somewhat of a social media following. Other factors to consider is artwork, visual image and design.

Keyword: Marketability

Not only does AWAL offer artists the tools to succeed. The distribution company operates as a real partner on behalf of it’s constituents. Making decisions from a truly growth-based mindset.

If you don’t grow — they don’t grow.

Amassing over 1 billion streams for their artists, AWAL’s support system and team can definitely provide a sense of community in a rapidly growing world.

If you’re interested in following a set path, reaching fans on worldwide level and partnering with an innovative digital distributor, check out the link below.

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