Kobe Bryant’s 55 Greatest Quotes on Life, Love and Mental Toughness

Nick Wyatt
12 min readFeb 15, 2020
Photo by Janine Robinson on Unsplash

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With the untimely death of Hall of Famer & Laker Legend Kobe Bryant on January 26, 2020 in a helicopter accident. The tragedy also claimed the lives of his 13-year old daughter Gianna Bryant and seven others. The loss is still surreal to some, as we look back upon on the career, accomplishments and accolades that Kobe set out to achieve during his chase for perfection.

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate and highlight the fact that, not only was Kobe Bryant a great athlete. He was also commemorated, honored and cherished for his seemingly, one-of-kind mental make-up. From his philosophical views on life, business and his love for basketball. Many of us, along with his peers, saw greatness in Kobe Bryant early in his career and seemingly long after his retirement from basketball.

Believe it or not, the Mamba Mentality that Kobe Bryant became famously known for, was forged at the lowest point in his career in 2004. While dealing with a number of personal issues off the court. Kobe created ‘The Black Mamba’ to refocus, channel his energy and take the opportunity to rise above the noise on the court. He describes the energy as a rage, that had the force of an avalanche when released.

This directly speaks to the power of anyone who has the ability to take negative energy and use it to their advantage. Everyone who has faced challenges in life, agree, obstacles are just a part of the process. Greatness is born when you become keenly aware that those same obstacles, can be used to add fuel to the fire.

No matter how big your goals or how hard the challenges you may face in life. Obstacles can either effect you positively or negatively.

On your road to success you will have many avenues to proceed down. Although, when faced with obstacles, by human nature that path becomes binary. You either fight through it or let the adversity stop you in your tracks. The beauty of the Mamba Mentality is this, there’s only one option. The only option, you never stop. The strong persevere and when you are starring adversity in the face. There’s no such thing as acknowledging defeat. We don’t hear it, we don’t see it, because…

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