The evolution of Ermias Joseph Asghedom aka Nipsey Hussle was nothing short of prolific from 2009 — 2019. Everyone — from fans to music industry professionals — watched the Los Angeles native go from an unapologetic hustler to a thriving philanthropist, businessman and peacemaker for the city of Los Angeles.

Nipsey Hussle provided fans with a movement to follow through The Marathon Clothing Store and All MONEY In. The true definition of a Marathon Man — the rapper left behind a message of growth through inspiring music, culture and economic empowerment.

As a musician, he created art that became synonymous with L.A., garnering him a legendary status within his community through leadership, drive and focus.

Nipsey always taught us if there’s something that you want to do, you go after it all money in, 10 toes down,”

Calkie Fisseha, who lives in Springfield, Virginia, describes. Fisseha also says Nipsey Hussle inspired her to become an Intellectual property lawyer.

I’m studying for the LSAT and sometimes I want to give up, but I have to realize that this is just the beginning of my marathon.

Brett Tyler, who lives in Miami, says that, ‘The Marathon Continues’ has become a way of life for him since Nipsey’s passing.

“The biggest thing I learned from Nip was literally just keep going and to not stop and that’s still with me today. Like, even in trying times like now, it’s like the world is in panic, but we gotta keep going. The marathon continues.”

Alan Douglas, who lives in Seattle says,

“I started reading more books about investing. I’ve also just started learning to code in a boot camp to do some web development.”

Nipsey Hussle’s teachings, resilience, way of life and overall beliefs encompass a message that we all can analyze to help improve our situations right now.

Below I am going go through a timeline of what Nipsey Hussle would describe as his marathon from 2009–2019.

Keying in on some pivotal moments (Interviews, mixtapes, videos, etc.) that made history and left behind a legacy for all to follow.

Increase the peace. — Increase the love. — Increase the positivity. — Increase the unity.

Increase the Brotherhood.

— Nipsey Hussle

2009 — A young Nipsey Hussle signs with Epic Records, releases the first two installments of his “Bullets Ain’t Go No Name” series of mixtapes.

As well as dropping the video for “Hussle In The House”, followed by the release of “Killer” featuring Drake. Solidifying his rise to stardom later that year.

“You gettin’ dollars like a doctor but you gang bang” — Nipsey Hussle
“Because on a mission, your worst enemy is idle time.” — Nipsey Hussle

2010 —While preparing for his debut album, Epic Records goes through a regime change that ultimately effected the release date of Nipsey Hussle’s upcoming project.

The two parties can not find an appropriate resolution as far as vision and execution for Nipsey’s album. He ultimately asks and receives a release from his record contract and launches: All Money In

“I’m not the talent. I’m the executive representing the talent. Don’t play with me.” — Nipsey Hussle

2010 — Independently releases, markets and distributes, ‘The MARATHON’, his fifth solo mixtape via ALL MONEY IN. This move creates a new buzz around Nipsey and sends his career to new heights.

“Never forget, you’ll never get what you never wanted.” — Nipsey Hussle

2012 — Nipsey Hussle continues to cultivate his brand, receives multiple contract offers. Including an offer from Rick Ross to join his Maybach Music Group imprint. Nipsey declines and continues to build his “All MONEY In” operation.

Nipsey Hussle on why he decided to NOT sign with Rick Ross & MMG

Rick Ross on Nipsey Hussle’s impact on society,

“I pray that he had an idea of the impact he made and left on these streets. I just pray he had an idea.”

“Express yourself while your people are here.”

— Rick Ross on Nipsey Hussle inspiring his Grammy nominated song ‘Gold Roses’

“I hope I can smell my flowers while I’m here.” — Drake

2013 — Nipsey Hussle initiates his #Proud2Pay movement — ultimately, celebrating and giving thanks to his loyal fanbase.

At this time, he also begins his marketing campaign for his long awaited “CRENSHAW” project.

“They was willing to pay 10x (10 times more for ours.) and I think that’s a statement.” — Nipsey Hussle

“All Money In. Stay Focused. — Quitting Is Not An Option. — Six O’s Make A Million. — Big Money Only. — Don’t Talk About It. Be About It. — How Hard Are You Really Going?”

“Different things that you wake up to when you’re on this marathon.”

— Nipsey Hussle for COMPLEX

“Look at my life — Came up. We came so far — You see Us.” — Nipsey Hussle

2013 — Nipsey releases ‘CRENSHAW’, in a dual format. Accomadated with different price points — the physical copies are priced at $100 each.

The digital format is delivered as a free download. The 1,000 physical copies sell out within the first 24 hours — including 100 ct. purchase from Jay Z.

“My intention was to create a conversation. Solely.”

— Nipsey Hussle

Check Out How Nipsey Hussle Made $100,000 In Less Than 24 Hours

“We was planning this bank robbery for last 2 or 3 years!” — Nipsey Hussle & DJ SKEE

Labels use to treating rappers like a slave n***a.

Starving artist, just be happy with yo fame n***a.

S — t changed, now it’s such a different game.

All the n****s like myself is controlling everythang.

If you pay attention, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

F — k the middle man, I said that in 2003.

— Nipsey Hussle

2016 — Nipsey Hussle leads the way by re-investing back into his community. He joins the development of ‘Destination Crenshaw’, an almost two mile — long — “outdoor art and culture experience celebrating Black Los Angeles.” Construction is set to begin later that year.

“The best teacher in life is your own experience.”

— Nipsey Hussle

“I think we’re going to set off a trend of offering a higher experience to area.” — Nipsey Hussle

“The name of actual brand is obviously ‘THE MARATHON’ and it stands for endurance, it stands for staying down. It stands for not quitting, accepting the ups and downs of whatever game you commit yourself to and riding it out.

Because that’s the reality of success or greatness. It comes with a roller coaster ride. I think that anyone can apply the ‘MARATHON’ concept to what they do, if it’s sports, if it’s fashion, if it’s hustling. Whatever. You’re on a ‘MARATHON’.

To make that the basis of our fashion line. I look at it like, we honor the people that ain’t quit. We honor the people that stayed down.”

— Nipsey Hussle

2017 — Nipsey Hussle and his business partner, David Gross, launch Crenshaw’s first STEM center and co-working space, Vector90.

Their overall goal is to close the gap between lucrative careers in tech, science and more. Primarily, focusing on underrepresented communities and entrepreneurs in the Crenshaw area.

Watch David reflect on the meaning of Nipsey’s legacy, the similarities and differences in their stories, and how he’s helping teach financial literacy to everyone who needs it. Via Complex News

“Entrepreneurship, ownership or investing. That’s just his body of work.” — David Gross

“It’s Vital To Pattern Yourself After Success.”

— Nipsey Hussle

“You measure your success by how many people you bless.” — Nipsey Hussle

2017 — Along with Tommy Karas, Nipsey Hussle helps to re-open the renowned ‘World on Wheels’, a Mid-City skate rink that played an essential roll in the rise of L.A.’s early hip hop scene. Closed down in 2013, the rink was a highly influential get-away for the area’s youth.

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Tommy Karas, left, and Nipsey Hussle at World on Wheels; Credit: Jenn Swann

2017 — Nipsey Hussle signs a partnership deal with Atlantic Records, involving his ‘ALL MONEY IN’ imprint. His first major label deal since departing from Epic Records.

Andrew Medal sits down with Nipsey Hussle to discuss how gang life catapulted his success, his latest album Victory Lap, his various businesses including a blockchain specific startup. — Entrepreneur

“No one knows how pure you are but you.” — Nipsey Hussle

“Victory to me is when you get yo time right — Victory to me is when you get yo grind right — Victory to me is when you get yo moms right n — a.”

— Nipsey Hussle

“The biggest business you’re going to have to manage is your life.” — Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle sits down with XXL to discuss why he partnered with Atlantic Records on a new deal, his debut album, ‘Victory Lap,’ future projects and why he’s continuing his Proud 2 Pay campaign. — XXL

“I always wanted to operate at the highest altitude in hip hop and just in the music.” — Nipsey Hussle

2018 — Via ALL MONEY IN/Atlantic, Nipsey releases his long-awaited debut studio album, VICTORY LAP. The — highly embraced — piece of art would earn him his first Grammy nomination for “Best Rap Album”.

“We Accept The Challenge.”

— Nipsey Hussle

“The ‘Victory Lap’ Tour is us taking these songs that’s on the album and expanding on them musically. Performing them infront of all the people that have been vibing to the album for the last 4 or 5 months.”

“This is what I was born to do.”

— Nipsey Hussle

“My intention is to raise or elevate the experience of what you get from a Nipsey Hussle concert.”

“Victory Lap” Is A Motivational Piece Of Art.

“I’m a urban legend / South Central in a certain section / Can’t explain how I curved detectives, guess it’s / Evidence of a divine presence.”

— Nipsey Hussle

2019 — Achieves a major goal by purchasing the strip mall on West Slauson Avenue & Crenshaw Boulevard that houses ‘The MARATHON’ clothing store. He further, ups the ante by announcing plans to develop a 100-unit, affordable housing complex.

Considering his name, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nipsey Hussle is always on the grind. Raised in the streets of Crenshaw, Los Angeles, the independent rapper has quickly built his own empire to last.

In addition to his ‘All Money In’ record label, Marathon Clothing line and retail store, Nipsey has invested in the business incubator, Vector.90, as a way to connect with next-gen geniuses.

In the West Coast edition of Side Hustle, Hussle breaks down his money moves, a major business loss that turned into a lesson and why he’ll never stop betting on himself. — TIDAL

“Every time we dropped a project, we learned something new about the music.” — Nipsey Hussle

“I always felt like what makes Apple dope, is that it’s a complete ecosystem. You get your phone, it’s the same color as the operating system and that’s same color as the store — and that’s the same color as the packaging of the product.

Vertically Integrated is the word, I didn’t see that in Rap. I think Jay Z is one of the artists, that’s in that direction. He owns TIDAL — that’s the retail space for his product. He owns his masters, so from actual conception to consumption. He can curate the whole experience.

That’s what Apple is — I felt like for us to have a retail space with our aesthetic, The MARATHON colors — the vibe that it’s on — the artwork of the album — that’s on the backdrop of the tour.

It’ll create a consistency in the message.”

— Nipsey Hussle

“Semmi W, a data journalist wrote a story detailing all of Nipsey Hussle’s investments, business interests and tallied up the late rapper/entrepreneur/activist’s financial as well as economic impact.

According to Semmi W., Hussle hired or impacted over 41,000 people and the projected value of his investments made between 2013 and 2019 is $210,000,000.” — Roland S. Martin

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Photo Credit: Semmi W. x

“Born Ermias Joseph Asghedom, the diagram above reveals how Nipsey’s hustle has impacted the economy on both a local and national level.

Using a combination of government and business data sources, I estimated Nipsey’s distribution of wealth across six sectors: Entertainment, Tech, Real Estate, Philanthropy, Food and Lifestyle.

My analysis led me to calculating two main figures: The number of people Nipsey has either hired or impacted (41, 369) and the projected value of investments made between 2013 and 2019 ($210, 413, 500).”

— Semmi W.

March 31, 2019

“Having strong enemies is a blessing.” — Nipsey Hussle

Crenshaw residents say the area was changing, and the rapper was a big part of the positive change. Kara Finnstrom reports. — CBS Los Angeles

“Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot outside of his Marathon clothing store in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles on Sunday.

The news of Nipsey’s death has left a dark cloud over the hip-hop community and beyond as they search for the right words to describe what he meant to those who knew him personally or from a distance in light of his untimely passing at the age of 33.”

— Complex News

“A rose that grew from the concrete of Slauson & Crenshaw Boulevard.” — Speedy Morman

Nipsey Hussle’s Brother & Business Partner — Blacc Sam

“Never let a hard time humble you.” — Nipsey Hussle

The actress shared a private text she sent the late rapper, whom she called ‘the love of my life, before his death with the crowd gathered at the Staples Center on Thursday. — Entertainment Tonight

The rapper delivered an emotional speech in honor of the late rapper at the Celebration of Life event at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Thursday. — Entertainment Tonight

The rapper delivered an emotional speech, while standing alongside DJ Mustard, in honor of the late rapper at the Celebration of Life event at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Thursday.Entertainment Tonight

Lauren London, Angelique Smith, Samanatha Smith and family accept Humanitarian Award on behalf of the legendary Nipsey Hussle. BET Networks

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“Longwinded, running through this life like it was mine.

Never settling, but setting every goal high; One thousand burpees on the path to my own destruction or success.

But what is a mistake without the lesson.

See, the best teacher in life is your own experience. None of us know who we are until we fail.

They say every man is defined by his reaction to any given situation.

Well, who would you want to define you?

Someone else or yourself?

Whatever you do — homie — give your heart to it; And stay strong.”

— Nipsey Hussle

“We just embrace the only life we know. If it was me, I’ll tell you n — a live yo life and grow. I’ll tell you finish what we started, reach them heights — you know. Gas the V-12 until the pipes smoke.”

— Nipsey Hussle

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