Nipsey Hussle’s 10 Steps To Building A Music Empire

Nick Wyatt
8 min readMay 21, 2020

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Nipsey Hussle was one of the few rappers who had complete control over his destiny. The Los Angeles native built a brand and a career outright before partnering with Atlantic Records for his first major label debut in ‘Victory Lap’. Not only will Nipsey Hussle go down in history as a marketing genius, he will also be remembered for his keen ability to build leverage and execute at a high level. After making a splash with CRENSHAW, the mixtape that he sold for $100 dollars a pop, he solidified his rise to fame with consistency and continued to build his brand locally and within the Hyde Park community. He embraced Peter Thiel’s idea of micro to macro in 0 to 1, believing that if he could influence Los Angeles, he could subsequently influence the World. With his theory being proven true, the retail part of his empire, 'The MARATHON Clothing’ continues to be a hotspot for tourists from around the Globe.

Eventually, being mentioned in the same conversations as Lakers Great Kobe Bryant and other Los Angeles legends, Nipsey Hussle personified what it meant to be an entertainment mogul. Completely doing it his way and retaining ownership within his companies. Early believers in Nipsey Hussle included the likes of Jay Z, who purchased 100 copies of the CRENSHAW mixtape, and Snoop Dogg, who Nipsey was often compared to after his “Hussle In The House” release. The rapper redefined what it meant to be an independent musician and businessman, continuously reiterating the importance of retaining equity. Keying in on ownership, entrepreneurship and honoring the hustler, he laid out a number of steps for all artists to follow. If succeeding as an independent artist is your long term goal, Nipsey Hussle’s path to success is a great example.

Lets deep dive into Nipsey Hussle’s 10 Steps To Building A Music Empire.

1. Focus On Your Core Product

As artists and content creators, you have to make a commitment to focusing on your craft. The benefit of focusing on your core product (music) will put you in a position to plan, produce and execute. Once you figure out a situation that works for you, you will be in better position to be consistent. Consistency will…

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