Nipsey Hussle’s 5 Proific Principles For Success In Business

Nick Wyatt
22 min readMay 6, 2020
Photo Credit: zksart

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Nipsey Hussle personified what it means to be an artist, brand & entertainment mogul. At the height of his career, it is calculated that Nipsey created over $200 million in economic value for his community through businesses, ventures and investments.

Before his untimely death in March of 2019, the rapper, entrepreneur and philanthropist, purposely laid out a plan for all who chose to follow. He pushed a narrative of ownership, investing in your craft and giving back to your community. His body of work exemplifies what it means to experiment, be patient and withstand the hardships of trial and error.

He believed in having a radical mindset, often coined by the likes of Ray Dalio, and this brand of creative thinking has shown us what is possible. By setting new standards and developing new narratives — Nipsey Hussle has shown us the power behind not being afraid to execute new business models and ideas.

At the base level of his radical growth has been experimentation and from this foundation he has developed a number of prolific principles.

These principles include:

  • Focusing on your core product.



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