The Top 8 Digital Distribution Companies For Artists In 2021

Nick Wyatt
20 min readDec 9, 2020
Photo by Charlie Firth on Unsplash

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Throughout history technology has always found a way to bring people closer together. The explosion of online music streaming and access to a worldwide audience with the click of a finger has completely shifted the digital distribution landscape.

This economic boom has — undoubtedly — changed what it means to be a self-releasing artist/independent record label. Capitalizing off of a global boom, online music streaming has afforded independent artists the opportunity to embrace life-changing arrangements without comprising future opportunities.

There are a number of questions that every artist needs to asks themselves before beginning their journey into the arena of ‘Worldwide Music Distribution’ in 2021. Answering these questions are essential to your success because they will — ultimately — put you in a position to see your situation from a place of clarity.

  • How can I leverage the Internet?
  • How can I leverage digital distribution to grow a Worldwide fan base?
  • How can I create value and create opportunity for myself? My business? My family?

Creativity, innovation, being a visionary all comes back to one thing. People. How can you give people what they want; before they know they want it? One artist that has been able to finesse this with perfection is Atlanta’s Russ.

With digital distribution becoming accessible to creatives on all levels. The spotlight is being placed back on artist development and infrastructure. As 2021, is quickly approaching it’s important to highlight the tools that are at our disposal for creating value and building leverage.

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