Finite = compete.

Infinite = create.

‘What is hard? — What is impossible?’

4 Tips On Starting A Creative Monopoly

1. Micro to Macro (Start Small)

2. Scale Upwards (Micro to Macro)

3. Focus on Innovation not “Disruption”

“You know . . . I spoke at Microsoft and they gave me their new Zune, and I have to tell you, it is SO MUCH BETTER than youriPod touch.” The executive looked at me, smiled, and replied, “I have no doubt.” And that was it. The conversation was over.

‘Creation is far more important than competition.’

4. Start With The Endgame

“You must study the endgame before everything else.”

Entrepreneur based in Minneapolis, MN. I write about Music, Inspiration, Economics & Business. Website: & Newsletter:

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