What Is A Creative Space & Why You Should Have One

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Which environments breed the most creativity — and why? For remote workers, writers and content creators this is a “loaded” question that carries significant weight. With more-and-more creatives rethinking their environments, it’s time to take a deeper look at our creative spaces.

Establishing a creative space is a creative process in itself. It is a process that you should give thought to, invest in and execute to your liking. Admittedly, we all are different and have our own individual triggers.

Your creative space should — not only — be a place where you can feel comfortable, it should also be a place where you can feel motivated, inspired, driven and triggered.

Creativity is a learning process and creative spaces can help us improve our artistic reflexes. Establishing a creative territory can be beneficial for all parties involved. This includes family, friends and pets.

Establishing a creative space will provide an environmental stimulus through classical conditioning. This is a natural way to train your brain to associate your environment with a naturally occurring stimulus (creating content).

Having a positive attitude is a major key to fostering your creative space. When you enter your creative arena (mentally & physically), keeping a good energy will help you to prepare your mind for expression.

It’s important to surround your creative space with items that inspire, motivate and trigger you to create with more passion. How you feed off of energy is important as well.

“For any writer, but for the beginning writer in particular, it’s wise to eliminate every possible distraction.”

Stephen King via The Writing Cooperative

Now lets deep dive into ‘What Is A Creative Space & Why You Should Have One’

Building Your Creative Space — The Connection

A creative space should be approached from a very unique perspective. Given that — this is an environment that is tangible and intangible.

For content creators building your creative space requires forming a connection from the outside to the inside. A simple case of input vs. output.

What are your influences? What drives your passion? How do you personally operate? Do you need silence? Or do you live in a city, where you used to creating in the mist of a lot going on?

A creative space combines all of these factors on an emotional, mental and physical level. Self-reflection breeds awareness, analysis and self-regulation. It allows us to detach from ourselves and view our surrounding environment from a birds-eye view.

As content creators we can develop a deeper understanding of our creative space when we break down the scheme into three facets:

  1. The Individual
  2. The Physical Environment
  3. The Interconnection (Where the individual & the physical environment meet)

The Individual

Your creative space starts with you. Your creative territory isn’t something that can be presented as a gift or an item that can be confiscated. A creative space is an idea that is prolific in every way possible.

Mentally carving out a creative space will provide creators with opportunities, endless possibilities and infinite innovations. As a part of the whole — your creative space acts as an advocate for quantum creativity.

Quantum creativity is an aspect of life that speaks to individual creativity, improvisation and how we operate as a whole within our environments. This includes what motivates, inspires, strengthens and nurtures our creativity.

This can include triggers; such as — us — as individuals, family, friends, co-workers, memories, favorite places, even our favorite foods.

Being mentally prepared to create in a designated area will provide you with more opportunity for growth and creative output. Creativity is a learning process and all learning takes place within a given environment.

The Physical Environment

Your physical location should serve your creative process. There’s a number of factors that play a part in cultivating your creative space. I like to utilize a three step process: (1) Generate, (2) Evaluate & (3) Implement. Lets go over the three aspects below.

1. Generate

Your creative space should allow you to process, produce and perform. Keep in mind — it’s important not to overthink your creative process. Your creative territory should give you the creative room to freely think and piece together information as needed.

The generation stage will allow you to formulate and create patterns within your content. This can include writing notes, reviewing talking points or simply researching.

“Every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned by forgetting ideas which one has not the time to write down.”

Hector Berlioz

2. Evaluate

The evaluation stage naturally follows the generation stage. This is where you can examine all of the information you have collected. This is why having a bulletin board or work table for reviewing your information is essential in your creative space.

This plays into the physical aspect of being comfortable and in tune with your creative process. Many movies and television shows have popularized the wall covered with Post-it notes or the laboratory where the next big scientific breakthrough happens.

This aspect of the creative process within a creative space is played out beautifully in the movie “Ex Machina”. Check out the scene below.

3. Implement

Implementation within your creative space is the final aspect behind creating within a given environment. The implementation stage speaks more to the physical arrangements that enable creativity.

For content creators this can include your desk, computer, studio or any other materials that you would need to complete your creative process. Your physical environment should provide enough space for you to leave mid-process and still be able to pick things back up when need be.

EXTRA: Affirmations

Affirmations are a form of powerful expressions. They are the thoughts that create your reality. Affirmations directly and indirectly affect your thought patterns, behaviors, habits and environmental cues.

Learning some of these key techniques can greatly improve your overall creative experience and creative space.

The Interconnection (Where the individual & environment meet)

The interconnection is the combination between the individual and the physical environment. The combination — as a whole — is made up of a number of key elements.

Which include the following:

  • The flow of energy — A combination of mental, physical and emotional aspects. Can you create freely? Can you focus?
  • Appropriateness — Is your creative space suitable for where you are in your creative endeavors?
  • Stimulation — This aspect of your creative process can be achieved through your physical environment. Is your creative space well-lit? Is there enough air flow present? Nature provides us with the most powerful stimulation through the sounds of our environment around us. This includes birds, the sound of wind, animals and stimulating people.
  • Creative mobility — The essentials that make up your creative space should mentally follow you wherever you go. Your mental faculty is the most important creative aspect of all!

No matter where you decide to set up your creative space, it’s important to remain flexible and be willing to evolve. Given the recent circumstances, we are living in a time where we all have to adapt and become better people.

For remote workers, writers and content creators in general. We have to be welcoming of change. This includes everything from our creative spaces, living arrangements and a combination of the two.

“In every adversity lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity. “

Napoleon Hill

For me it’s about meeting deadlines, striving towards a bigger goal and exceeding expectations.

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