How To Make Your Music Go Viral On Tik Tok

Nick Wyatt
4 min readApr 10, 2021
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Tik Tok — by far — is the #1 social media platform for independent artists with a 500% year-over-year growth since 2017 and is approaching 700 million monthly users Worldwide.

Tik Tok is not only a tool for growth on social media, it has developed into a music marketing phenomenon. With the platform already being adopted by major artists and record labels — as we’ve already seen with Vine.

There is an immense amount of opportunity for success. With that being said — it’s time for artists to including Tik Tok as a mainstay into their marketing campaigns. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get started today.

If you can successful combine consistency with strategy, there’s no reason why your music shouldn’t go viral with Tik Tok’s algorithm in place.

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With major artists already adding Tik Tok to their marketing mix, there’s a number of artists who have already successfully used the platform to blow up. Most notably — being Lil Nas X & his hit single Old Town Road. So what is the formula for going viral on Tik Tok?

Below I am going to go over a quick list of ‘How To Use Tik Tok To Make Your Music Go Viral’.

1. Post Content 3–5 Times Per Day

Tik Tok offers artists a prime environment for growth that is coupled with a number of tools that only adds to Tik Tok’s functionality. Some of the most important features being:

  • Duets — video responses to other people’s Tik Tok videos.
  • Video replies to comments — the best feature for growth, you can reply to people who comment on your Tik Tok videos.
  • Go Live — This is a great feature for artists and it also drives engagement to your videos.

Along with being consistent, Tik Tok offers users a number of sweet spots to hit that will help you gain attention and go viral.

2. Take Advantage Of ‘Trends’ On The Discovery Page



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