How To Leverage The 4 Ps Of Marketing

Nick Wyatt
13 min readDec 16, 2020

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Travis Scott was recently featured in a Forbes piece by Abe Brown. Where we learned that the Cactus Jack Head Huncho and Houston native is on a path to make around 100 million dollars this year — solely — from strategic partnerships.

Although Travis Scott does have the backing of a cult-like following, this accomplishment shouldn’t be viewed as an anomaly. Rather, it should serve as a blueprint for artists looking to leverage their marketability.

Major companies are rethinking their brands and Travis Scott is helping to redefine how corporations interact with hip hop. If this trend continues, more companies are likely to follow as other brands are looking to capitalize off of the music industry’s appeal to the youth.

For decades, celebrities have translated their renown into remunerative gigs as corporate shills. Then, for much of this century, fame instead yielded entrepreneurial opportunities far more lucrative than typical endorsements.

Scott, to successful effect, has pursued a hybrid model in which he’s working with and within big brands, but in ways where he’s telling them what to do or say, rather than the reverse.

Those guys are allowing us to really dive in and create our own world,” he says.

— Abe Brown for Forbes

Travis Scott’s musical talent is — without a doubt — undeniable. Nevertheless, a large part of his growth early on in his career is directly attributed to leveraging the ‘4Ps of Marketing’. The concept was originally introduced back in 1960 by Jerome McCarthy in his book ‘Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach’.

Fast forward to 2020 and the concept is still considered to be the legs of any marketing strategy: Product, Price, Promotion & Place. Marketing is about human nature, brand affinity and conversions. Who are the people that buy into what you provide as a service or good?

Once you figure that out, continue to build an cultivate those relationships.

With the live entertainment industry completely shutting down and cutting out a large piece of revenue for most musicians. This is the perfect time to focus…

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