“Artists can have greater access to reality; they can see patterns and details and connections that other people, distracted by the blur of life, might miss. Just sharing that truth can be a very powerful thing.”



“We fall somewhere into that middle space. A lot of resources and infrastructure that typically only come with a major [label], but transparency and flexibility and lack of politics that usually comes with an indie.”

Nima Etminan


3. Create Music Group

4. CD Baby

5. UnitedMasters

“Look how happy this guy is being free. There was a time when people would be celebrating like that when they got a record deal; now they’re celebrating like that when they don’t have one.”

Steve Stoute

6. Amuse

7. DistroKid

$19.99/Year — Musician

$35.99/Year — Musician Plus

$79.99/Year — Label

8. TuneCore

“Use The Terrain To Your Advantage.”

I help artists embrace & leverage the Internet as a tool with the goal of building a brand, creating insights & increasing revenue - 227.thinkific.com

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