No one’s path will be the same as the next artist or musician. The real value lies in studying human behavior and determining which formula will put you in a position to be successful.

This is why I love what I do.

Blueprints, formulas and schemes change over time. What remains the same is human behavior.

So the real questions are: What’s possible? What’s impossible?

Infrastructure = People, Process & Technology

1. Build A Marketing Funnel

My advice: Take care of home first and then expand out. The goal is to release music and have everyone in your city, state and region listening to your project. To put things in perspective;

Does it really matter if the city doesn’t feel it?

2. Unite The Process Of Planning & The Power Of Consistency To Build A Brand

3. Create A Marketing Campaign

“Anything that can be measured, can be improved.”

4. Develop A Project Release Strategy

I help artists embrace & leverage the Internet as a tool with the goal of building a brand, creating insights & increasing revenue -

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